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Libraries are places where quite a lot of books are collected. Unlike bookstores you can't buy the books, you can only borrow them or read them on the spot. You probably have a book in your hand more often than not. However, this was not always possible: nowadays, books are written and printed on paper made of wood. In the past, cave walls, papyrus and parchment were used instead. Modern letterpress printing was developed in Europe in the mid-15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. In this process, movable metal letters were used to lay down a word, sentence or page, and then a printing press was used to print on a sheet of paper. A book could then be bound from the individual sheets. This was the first time that knowledge could be disseminated en masse. You can imagine that it takes much longer to copy a book several times by hand.


Papyrus with quill and inkwell

Good to know:
Papyrus was named after the papyrus plant and parchment was made from animal skin.

On the Emden campus you will find the Emden Central Library. There is also a library at each campus in Leer. There you can find books, but also newspapers, magazines and journals. These are all media. In addition to these printed media, students and employees also have access to e-books. The "e" stands for electronic. The e-books are located in the university's online library, so to speak. The media are sorted by subject and can either be borrowed (for two to four weeks, depending on the medium) or read in the library. There are individual workstations for this purpose, but also group rooms if students are working together on a project, for example.

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