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Please contact the confidential advisors for initial counselling. Here, you can talk confidentially about what has happened to you, how you feel. You will receive support and information about other counseling services and forms of assistance available to you. You have time to decide how you want to proceed, for example, by making an official complaint.

You can contact the confidential representatives via email, phone, or through the digital support platform Evermood. Confidentiality will be maintained when dealing with those affected. Names can only be mentioned with the consent of those affected.

Advisors in cases of sexualized discrimination and violence

Internship Coordinator, Nautical Laboratories

Location: Leer

Tel.: 0491 / 92817-5024
E-Mail: cornelia.beelmann(at)

Social Work with a focus on methods and action concepts

Location: Emden

Tel.: 04921 / 807-1244
E-Mail: michael.herschelmann[at]

Student Advice Service

Location: Emden

Tel.: 04921 / 807-1256
E-Mail: ilona.heppner[at]

Other counselling services

Equal Opportunities Officer: Jutta Dehoff-Zuch

Mail: jutta.dehoff-zuch[at]

Tel.: (04921) 807-1050

AStA-department "equality and social affairs"

Mail: gleichstellung(at)

Further Information

For further helpful information on sexualized discrimination and violence, as well as the option for anonymous chat counseling, please visit our support platform, Evermood. This digital assistance was established by the Office for Equal Opportunity in collaboration with the advisors for sexualized discrimination and violence to create a more discrimination-free learning environment.

Interview: Advisors in cases of sexualized discrimination and violence

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