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Calisthenics - quite a difficult word. Calisthenics is also called street workout and originally comes from New York. In calisthenics parks, you train in the fresh air with your own body weight and everything you need is on site: pull-up bars, parallel bars, hanging ladders, wall bars and more. The whole body is used here, especially the bones, muscles and joints: The bones support us. Between two bones are movable joints, for example, the elbow joint. The muscles have the task of moving our body. Movement is good for us because it strengthens the body.

The Calisthenics Park at the university is open to everyone who likes to move and train. However, the training is not yet suitable for children, but there are plenty of other movements you can do here anyway! For example, crawl on your feet and hands like Spiderman or lean on your forearms and feet and see how long you can hold that position. You can also practice balancing by standing on just one leg. You can find more play and sports opportunities at our parent-child playground.

More information, ideas and tips