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Family University Path


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Right now you are on the campus (campus means the entire facility of a university) of the
University of Emden / Leer, where you can study.
You can start studying when you have finished school. Universities are international places with students and employees, where learning, research and work takes place. There are many different courses of study, which are assigned to specific subject areas. For example, there are degree programs in business, engineering, health and education. The decision depends on one's own interests and career aspirations.
A course of study lasts between two and four years (varies from course to course). An academic year is divided into two so-called semesters, named after seasons: The summer semester and the winter semester.

Let's take a closer look at the Emden / Leer University of Applied Sciences: There are three campuses in total, of which two in Leer and one in Emden. The departments represented are Maritime Sciences, Social Work and Health, Engineering and Business. Studying means not only learning and researching, but also gaining many new experiences and meeting new people, also from other countries around the world. There are also activities such as university sports, movie nights and much more. The best way to get an idea of the university for yourself is to explore the path.

Campus Emden

Business Campus Leer

Maritime Campus Leer

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