You take...

… 10 guest lecturers from 7 different countries and put them into the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for one week. You add the students of the Faculty of Business and mix it for 3 days. The result of this short recipe and a few month of planning is the International Project Week 2019.

Interesting lectures, intercultural influences and suggestions, that is what we take to enchant our students and the guest lecturers with for more than 15 years. The topics of the workshops reached from drawing to your dreamjob and just in time processes to international topics about the different countries. The students and the lecturers worked hard to fulfill the recipe of the intercultural teaching and we can say that the dish they created was a feast for our brain cells.

Not only our students were able to get an insight into different cultures but also the guest lecturers got an insight into the East Frisian culture. The highlight of the week was a daytrip to the city of Oldenburg. We were welcomed from our tour guide who has spent most of his life in his hometoen of Oldenburg and he was able to tell us all about the history of the town. He guided us through the small streets of Oldenburg, showed us the church and he thrilled us with interesting stories about the city. In the afternoon we had some free time to explore the city by ourselves, find some souvenirs or have some delicious tea and cake in a small cafe. In the evening we came back to Emden with lots of new impressions. Also here in Emden we offered the guest lecturers an opportunity to learn more about our culture by giving them the possibility to visit the art hall or the national museum in their free time.

We are glad that the chefs successfully prepared the recipe and we are already looking forward to the next International Project Week in 2020!