Sustainable Product Engineering

Do you want to improve the world, but don't know how?

Do you want to develop products that are good for environment?

Do you want to learn how to use technical solutions in a meaningful way?              

Do you want to be your own boss?

With us you will acquire the skills to develop technical solutions that are smart as well as socially, ecologically and economically compatible. We enable you to independently and successfully create and implement your idea or product - from the idea and the need, to the implementation and sales.

In modules our study program offers you the combination of general mechanical engineering, digitalization and sustainability. In addition to the lectures, seminars and a semester abroad or an internship abroad, your studies include major project components to optimally prepare you for your future professional life.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Full time

Standard period of study
7 semesters

Start of studies
Winter semester

Study location

German and English

Admission requirements

    Limited admission program ► Apply  anyway !!!

    Language skills in German (C1 GER) ► If you are a native speaker or speak German fluently, apply and become a “doer” !

    English B2 (GER) knowledge ► Have you had English until the 12th grade or equivalent? Perfect, apply!

Admission Restrictions

Credit points
210 ECTS


Accredited by German Accreditation Council (reviewed by ZEvA)

Faculty of Technology

With us you will acquire the skills to develop technical solutions that are smart as well as economically, socially and economically compatible. We enable you to independently and successfully your idea or product - from the idea and the need, through implementation to sales.


The combination of general mechanical engineering, digitalization and sustainability will open up a wide range of opportunities for you in your future career, for example:

  •     Project planning
  •     Product management
  •     Product development
  •     Sustainability management
  •     Marketing 
  •     Self-employment

The degree program Sustainable Product Engineering aims to enable you to successfully develop and market a technical solution, i.e. a physical, virtual, or service product. In doing so, you will learn to consider business, social, and environmental requirements when evaluating products along their life cycle.

Within the framework of this objective, you will acquire the following competencies:

  • Knowledge and Understanding comprises a broad basis of fundamental technological and methodological competencies from the mathematical and engineering sciences. By dealing with relevant areas of mathematics, mechanics, materials science, design, and data processing, the foundations for the development of technical products are laid: the possibility of a subsequent master's degree in mechanical engineering or related subjects is also ensured. In addition, you will acquire basic knowledge and methodological skills from the areas of sustainability (economic, ecological, and social aspects) as well as business processes and project management.
  • Application and generation of knowledge is the foundational idea of this degree program. It includes the ability to collect and students should be able to successfully develop creative approaches to solutions for technical products and efficient implementation concepts.
  • Communication and cooperation is a key qualification for specialists, managers, and founders. By reflecting on the different interests in product development and processes and by directly "experiencing" how goals can be achieved through relevant communication and active cooperation, the importance of communication and cooperation should be recognized and corresponding personal skills improved.
  • The following goals in particular are pursued in the competence field scientific self-image / professionalism. First, an awareness is to be developed of understanding the necessary demands of society on scientific professions. Here, the topic of sustainability plays an important role; it is formulated, for example, in the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This awareness serves as a basis for reflecting on one's own professional actions. In addition, potential conflicts of objectives, for example, among the requirements of a product or during the development and manufacturing process, are to be recognized and strategies are to be developed for dealing with them professionally.


The engineering program is designed as a full-time undergraduate bachelor's degree program (210 ECTS) and is project-oriented throughout.

The standard period of study is 7 semesters. In the 5th semester, a stay abroad is planned.

You have the chance to get to know other cultures, but a stay in a German-speaking country is also possible. During the semester abroad, you can decide for yourself whether to complete an internship in a company or attend selected courses at our international partner universities.


The application process has started and you can now apply for our study program. What are you waiting for?

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Start of study
     Winter semester

Admission restriction
     Yes ► Be brave, apply anyway!

For more details, please refer to the admission regulations.

Application deadlines
July 15

For information on admission requirements and the application procedure, please contact the Student Counselling Service of Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences at the Emden campus.


The numerus clausus applies to our admission-restricted degree program, as we can only allocate a limited number of study places.

The Numerus Clausus is not a predetermined value, but is the result of the allocation procedure for degree programs with restricted admission.
This means that the Numerus clausus value can only be determined retrospectively.

This means that the Numerus clausus values vary each year, as the number of applications received and the average grades they contain vary.

Last winter semester, all applications for our degree program were accepted.

We therefore strongly recommend that you apply. Seize your chance to study at our university of the future.


If you have questions about the program:

Prof. Dr. Agnes Pechmann

Telefon +49 4921 807-1438   

Prof. Dr. Christoph Jakiel

Telefon +49 4921 807-1470  


For general questions:

Student Counselling Service

Telefon: +49 4921 807-7575


For questions regarding student financing:


For questions about the application:

Program management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Agnes Pechmann
Teaching area: Production planning

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Jakiel
Teaching area: Turbomachinery


Core team of the study program

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Blattmeier
Teaching area: Business processes in mechanical engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Esther Held
Teaching area: Materials science in mechanical engineering

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iván Herráez
Teaching area: Regenerative energy technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Lünemann
Teaching area: Intelligent production systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kathrin Ottink
Teaching area: Design and machine elements

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schüning
Teaching area: Materials science, joining technology, laser materials processing

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Elmar Wings
Teaching area: Mathematics, automation technology, industrial robots


Program coordination / Media education

Jeannette Prescher (B.Sc.)

Dr. Lara Dittmann

When our website does not help you with your questions about our study program …

Feel free to write to us !


  • By when do I have to apply?
    • The application deadline is July 15.
  • I have an apprenticeship, will this be taken into account in my application?
  • I have a grade point average of 2.4 on my diploma - do I have a chance of getting a place despite the Numerus Clausus (NC)?
    • Since our course of studies is completely new, there is no fixed statement about where the NC lies. Therefore, you have a very good chance to get a study place even if you have average or below average grades. You can apply here.