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Drinking fountain

Do you actually drink water from the tap or do you buy it in bottles?

If you drink bottled mineral water, you are not alone – approx. 80 % of German citizens drink bottled water rather than tap water.
But why?

Did you know that the environmental impact of the entire production chain (extraction, transport and processing of the bottle) for mineral water is about 1000 times higher than for drinking water from the tap?

Did you know that the quality of German drinking water is guaranteed and monitored by the state? You can also find more information in the German Drinking Water Ordinance (Trinkwasserverordnung)

Did you know that 1 litre of drinking water from the tap costs about 0.15 cents, but the price of bottled mineral water varies from about € 0.2/litre to € 1.5/litre?

Did you know that nine billion plastic bottles could be saved every year if everyone drank tap water?

All reasons at a glance and further information can be found on the atiptap website.

So, it’s better to drink tap water!

The University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer offers you three drinking fountains on campus where you can fill up your water bottle from the tap and drink in a cost-effective way which is kind to the climate and the environment