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Insect hotel

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Insects are extremely important for biodiversity and ecosystems. For example, birds feed their offspring with them. However, both the total number and diversity of insects have declined significantly in recent decades, due in part to the lack of habitats. For this reason, insect hotels, artificial nesting and overwintering aids, are useful. Insects such as moths, bees, beetles and bugs find a home there. In Germany alone, there are about 30,000 species of insects. Some of the most common native species include the admiral (a butterfly), the blue wood bee (the largest native wild bee species) and the blue-green mosaic dragonfly (a dragonfly species). Incredibly, the dragonfly can fly up to 50 kilometers per hour and even backwards. In addition to an insect hotel on campus, you can also discover nesting boxes for birds and other animals.


Good to know:
Biological diversity is also called "biodiversity" and encompasses a great deal: different habitats, species, individual living things, but also all their genetic characteristics. What is meant here is the entire diversity of all life on earth. However, biodiversity, and not only that of insects, has declined over the last 50 years. There are several reasons for this, one of which is climate change. Yet biodiversity is significant. For example, we need millions of pollinating animals for our food. An ecosystem is a habitat in which certain communities live. Surely you've been to a lake or a forest - these are ecosystems. Take a good look around on your next visit there: What kind of animals can you spot? What kind of plants? What does the soil look like? You're sure to discover some exciting things.

Now you have learned some things about insects. Finally, a quiz question about the seven-spot ladybug: Do you have any idea what the dots on the back mean?

  1. The dots represent the species.
  2. The dots can be used to distinguish the sex.
  3. They reveal the age.

Our university insect hotel

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