With your university account, you have access to two data drives for your business data, which are backed up daily:

Drive Y:

This contains all data which does not concern you personally, but which you create and use in your official function as a member of a unit.

As a rule, under Y:\[unit's abbreviation] you will find the internal files of your organizational unit, e.g. under "Y:\hrz" the data of the university computer center. The authorization structure in it is determined by your unit's management.

Under "Y:\working groups" you will find the files to which you have access due to your membership in unit-wide working groups.

Data that you store on drive Y:\ is retained by the university even if you leave it. Data that concerns you personally and that may not be used after you leave the university should therefore not be put there. We provide you with the Z:\ drive for this purpose.

Click here for the web access for the data drives

Drive Z:

On drive Z: you can save the data that only concerns you personally. A total of 20 GByte is available for this purpose.

When you leave the university, all data on your drive Z:\ will be deleted and cannot be used by the university. For this reason, please save department relevant data on drive Y:\.

Click here for the web access for the data drives