Birte Engelberts

Head of the Student Counselling Service, General Student Counselling

Room: new lecture hall (2.011)
Tel. 04921/807-1346
E-Mail: birte.engelberts(at)


Birgit Tischner

General Study Counselling, Fairs and School visits

Room: Mensa ground floor (M003)
Tel. 04921/807-1373
E-Mail: birgit.tischner(at)

Kirsten Ackermann

Project Coordinator „Student Recruitment”

Room: Mensa ground floor (M001)
Tel. 04921/807-1203
E-Mail: kirsten.ackermann(at)



Ilona Heppner

consulting for students in doubt "Erfolgreich 4.0"

Room: Mensa ground floor (M002)
Tel. 04921/807-1256
E-Mail: ilona.heppner(at)

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Neele Berends

Schulkontakte/Student Recruitment

Raum: Mensa Erdgeschoss (M001)
Tel.: 04921/807-1290
E-Mail: neele.berends(at)

Heiko Driever


Future Skills Applied (Forschungsprojekt) 

Raum: Neues Seminargebäude (2.010)
Tel. 04921/807-1277
E-Mail: heiko.driever(at)

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Anne Müller

Future Skills Applied (Forschungsprojekt)

Raum: Neues Seminargebäude (2.007)
Tel. 04921/807-1347
E-Mail: anne.mueller(at)