Exchange Programme

The Faculty of Social Work and Health offers an exchange programme in spring term for incoming students. Language of instruction is English.

"Supporting families, children and youths in their environment"

The 25-ECTS-programme includes seminars, a project, an excursion/seminar week as well as a German language course.

nomination and application deadline: 30 November

programme at a glance

online application (-> how to apply)

Study programs at a glance

Interested students of (partner-)universities can participate in the following study programs as full-time students or within a semester abroad.

Language of instruction is German.

Social Work (B.A.)

Social and Health Management (B.A.)

Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy - Motology - Occupational Therapy (B.A.)

Social Work and Health in the Context of Social Cohesion (M.A.)

General Information

Some useful information about studying at the Faculty of Social Work and Health or at UAS Emden/Leer in general:

Fact Sheet

German language courses (-> German Courses)

Buddy program

Orientation weeks

Application procedure for incoming students

If you like to join in our faculty as an incoming student wether within or outside the framework of ERASMUS+, please contact the International Office of your home institution firstly. You will be informed about the ERASMUS+ program or the application procedure in general.

After being nominated by your sending institution, please fill in the online application (-> how to apply).

If you have any questions or if problems occur, please contact the international coordinator.

Application deadlines:

fall term 2022/23: 31 May 2022

spring term 2023: 30 November 2022