Social Work (B.A.)

The aim of the social work course is to enable the ability to provide dedicated advice and support to people in social crisis and conflict situations. The course also provides expertise in preventive work, the development of humane, self-determined living conditions and support for self-help.

The course provides capabilities for professional action in the fields of social work. The contemplation and the development of social skills are of great importance.

Professional competencies are used, to process (biopsycho-) social problems in society, to assess the working practices of social institutions and to be able to develop independent, practical solutions and development strategies with those affected.

A special feature of this course is also the integration of theory and practice. Through the close cooperation with institutions in real life practice, this course has a particular application and practice-oriented profile.

Degree Programme

Bachelor of Arts

Full time

Length of course  3years

Admission  - winter term

Location Emden University of Applied Sciences

Language German

Admission Requirements

A level or equivalent

Credit points  180

Accredited by  Department of  Social Work and Health

 Examples of career options as Social Workers /Social Pedagogues

·         Advice and Guidance

·         Early intervention

·         Rehabilitation

·         Creative arts

·         Intercultural work with children and young people

·          Youth and Community Work

·         Adult Social Care

·         Special needs education and support

·         Family therapeutic intervention

·         Health and Social Care collaboration


Employment options for Social Workers/Social Pedagogues

·         Public sector/Local Government

·         Private sector

·         Voluntary sector

·         Non – profit sector

·         Social Enterprise

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