Early Childhood Education

With our bachelor degree course “Early Childhood Education”, we offer a both scientific and practical qualification for educational work with children (up to 10 years old) and families.

Education in childhood is at the heart of the degree course, along with a reflected and critical examination of the characteristics and conditions of growing up within a family and in educational institutions such as day care centers.

The degree course allows students to acquire childhood education, skills, which give them a professional profile. This grants our graduates a capacity for insight-generating analysis and professional conception as well as networking, implementation and evaluation of pedagogical processes and measures in the context of educational and development guidance for children and in cooperation with families.

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Bachelor of Arts


Full-time studies

Standard period of study:

6 semesters

Start of course:

Winter Semester

Place of study:




Admission requirements:

General higher education entrance qualification, university of applied sciences entrance qualification, or an adequate and approved educational background.

Restricted admission:


Credit points:

180 ECTS




Social Work and Health

Graduates of the “Early Childhood Education” degree course receive the state recognition as “Childhood Pedagogue”, which is the key requirement for starting a professional career in day care centers. 

The study modules are allocated to the following study areas:

  • Scientific-theoretical references of pedagogy of childhood
  • didactics and methodology of early childhood education
  • field studies
  • scientific-work methods and learning by researching
  • diversity and education in childhood
  • education and development areas of childhood
  • legal framework, networking, leadership and quality

The seven study areas are assigned to different modules.
For example, students within the study area “Aesthetic Education and Expressions of Child Experiences” have the option to choose two of three thematic focuses according to their skills and interests: visual art, motion, music.


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