In principle, you should aim to acquire 30 ECTS credits per semester abroad (analogous to the credit system at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer), but at least 15. If the number of credits is less than 15, a separate justification must be submitted to the International Office for the ERASMUS+ and PROMOS programs. It will then be examined whether the mobility grant can be maintained. Please also get in touch with your department coordinator to discuss possible repetitions.


In order to guarantee the recognition of services rendered abroad, it is necessary that a Learning Agreement is concluded prior to the stay abroad, in which the courses/projects that you wish to attend at the foreign university are entered. The Learning Agreement also specifies the ECTS credits allocated to the course/project. Please refer to the information provided by the German Rectors' Conference (in German) on the question of what can be recognized. The Learning Agreement is signed by you and by the responsible person in the faculty ("responsible person" in the faculty who can guarantee the recognition of the service). The Learning Agreement is then sent to the foreign university and signed there. The International Office and the student will receive a copy of the Learning Agreement.

The following forms are available for ERASMUS+ stays at partner universities within the EU, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey:

ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement Form “Before Mobility”

ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement Form “During Mobility”

Annex A

We have also compiled a document with explanations for the forms (in German).


The following forms are available for stays outside ERASMUS:

Learning Agreement form “Before Mobility” outside ERASMUS (without study program IBS)

IBS Learning Agreement form "Before Mobility" outside ERASMUS

Learning Agreement form “During Mobility” outside ERASMUS


Please clarify the conversion into ECTS credits with the department coordinator in advance. We have also compiled a list with explanations of the form (in German) for you.

When discussing the recognition, you should also clarify with the department coordinator the basics for the conversion of the grades.

At the beginning of your stay abroad, it may turn out that you are unable to attend some of the planned courses for various reasons. In this case, the relevant "During Mobility" form (see above), on which changes are entered, must be completed. These changes and the details of the recognition must be agreed in advance by e-mail with the responsible person at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. The change form is then signed by the student and the representatives of the foreign university and sent to the International Office or the international coordinators (Faculty Business Studies, Social Work and Health, IBS) in Emden.



As soon as you have received the official transcript of records from the foreign university after your stay abroad, this must be submitted to the faculty and the International Office. At the same time, please submit the final version of the Learning Agreement and the recognition document (see below) to the faculty. This is where the grade conversion takes place.

Finally, the responsible person in the faculty reports the grades to the Examination Office, which then enters the grades and ECTS credits in your performance overview in accordance with the Learning Agreement.

Note for students of the Faculty of Business Studies: The Faculty of Business Studies has its own forms which have been adapted to the specific requirements of the Faculty. Furthermore, the coordination is not done through the International Office but through the international coordinators in the faculties. However, this does not change the basic handling of recognition. You can find further information in the recognition scheme of the Faculty of Business Studies.

You will also receive the further filled in and signed recognistion document as "Transcript of Records of the sending institution" and the stay abroad will be documented in the Annex to the Diploma Supplement. You will find further information further down on this page under "Recognition documents of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer".

If there are problems concerning the recognition please contact the examination board of your faculty/department.

The University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer will provide its students after the receipt of the Transcript of Records of the receiving institution with the recognition document (Transcript of Records of the sending institution), usually within 5 weeks. Furthermore, the study semester abroad will be integrated in an Annex to the Diploma Supplement, which the students will receive at the end of their studies. The following steps are necessary for this:

1. Present the Transcript of Records of the host university as well as the Learning Agreement to the the responsible person in the faculty (see point 4).

2. Download and save the electronic recognition form. Only then open it with Adobe Reader and fill it out (except column 5 with the grades). If the download does not work, try another browser (Windows Explorer 10 requires Internet Explorer to be downloaded separately, with Microsoft Edge it does not work. If the document is not opened in Firefox, go to the top right corner of the arrow). You can choose the language. Both documents are created automatically (Transcript of Records and Annex to the Diploma Supplement) (Example, Example IBS

3. Save the document again under a different name.

4. E-mail the document to the responsible person in your faculty. These are:

Faculty of Business Studies (BIBA): Tanja Anschütz (in advance you have to hand in the 5-page experience report)

Faculty of Business Studies (except BIBA): Sonja Behrends (in advance you have to hand in the 5-page experience report)

Faculty of Technology/ Department of Natural Sciences: Prof. Dr. Martin Sohn

Faculty of Technology/Department of Mechanical Engineering (IBS): Katja Hakkarainen

Faculty of Technology/Department of Mechanical Engineering (except IBS): Prof. Dr. Oliver Böcker (please send the documents first to Katja Hakkarainen in the International Office)

Faculty of Technology/Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences: Head of Examination Board (please ask in the secretary's office of the faculty)

Faculty of Social Work and Health: Corina Sandersfeld

Faculty of Maritime Sciences: Prof. Dr. Mathias Münchau

5.The responsible person adds the grades to the form and prints it as a Transcript of Records as well as an annex to the Diploma Supplement and signs both documents. When printing, a check digit is generated, so that the two documents can be assigned to each other and cannot be changed afterwards.

6.You will receive the version "transcript of records", e.g. the responsible person can deposit it at the secretariat of your faculty/department for you to pick up.

7.The Annex to the Diploma Supplement will be forwarded to the Examinations Office by the responsible person in the faculty, where it will remain until the end of your studies when the Diploma Supplement is issued.

Recognition in the faculties

For information about recognition in the faculties please do not hesitate to contact Janine Hülsen from the International Office.