Bewerbungsformular für das PROMOS-Stipendium

Application for PROMOS Grant

Personal data

Application deadlines:
10.01.2024 and 31.07.2024

Important: Your mobilty must not be completed at the date of the submission of your PROMOS application!

Appendices can be added at the end of this form.
Questions concerning your stay abroad

Please note! The time range we approve can be shorter than your stay abroad.

If you have applied for several grants, please tell the status in the text field further above.
Information regarding social engagement

Please download here the PDF File to state your information about your social engagement. You need to add a proof for each activity.

You can upload the document and the proofs at the end of this form.

Examples what will be considered in your application:

  • Activities in University Committees
  • Voluntary social/ecological year, federal volunteer service
  • Aktive engagement in associations
  • Engagement in academic self-administration, engagement in university politics
  • Engagement as a „Buddy“

No consideration of activities with salary or credits!

Exception: Remunerated main social/societal activities (no internships) such as a voluntary social year or a voluntary ecological year are, however, taken into account.

Only consideration of activities you did AFTER school graduation.


Please add your appendices in ONE SINGLE PDF file!
Your letter of motivation should represent the meaningfulness of your stay abroad for the following duration of your studies. Also it should inform about the amount of preperation, including prior knowledge about the host institution.
Students of the Faculty of Business Studies: IBA and BWL ==> Also with the average grade of the first three semesters; Wipsy ==> Also with the average grade of the first 4 semesters
  • courses at Hochschule Emden/Leer in Trancript of Records (incl. grade)
  • (DAAD) Language proof of Hochschule Emden/Leer: further information (language certificates)
  • other kinds of official language certificates
  • additionally: Certificate about previous stays abroad if applicable

    • In case of studies abroad: letter of acceptance
    • In case of internship: confirmation of the company/institution or fully signed contract with info about your kinds of tasks, duration of the internship and salary

    If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail soon, please send an e-mail to and (absolutely inform both e-mail-addresses!) We want to inform you, that as a PROMOS-grant-holder you can get insurance via DAAD (combined health- accidant- and private liability insurance). You can find further information and application forms at Please note that you have to inform the internationl BAföG Office of your PROMOS Grant (if you have applied for this). Only 300€ per month are free. The travel allowance will be added to the extra travel allowance of the BAföG Office. The calculation of the payment is always performed by the BAföG Offices wich the student is dedicated to. (All information without warranty.) We urgently recomment to apply to the crisis peparedness list of the foreign office (ELEFAND). You can find further information on security here: