Measures against sexual harassment and violence

Within its area of responsibility, the university assumes responsibility for ensuring that people's personal rights and their individual personal boundaries are respected and upheld. Sexual harassment and violence constitute a violation of personal rights.

With the adoption of the “Directive against Sexual Harassment and Violence” (PDF) by the senate at its 17th meeting on 20 May 2014, the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer has taken an important step towards anti-discrimination and respectful interaction. The directive is based on the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

In addition to the possibilities for seeking advice and making complaints at the university, there are further legal possibilities open to those affected, depending on the individual case. In this way, interested parties can check whether they wish to take further employment, criminal and/or civil legal steps.

You can find more helpful information on sexual harassment and violence, as well as the possibility of an anonymous chat session on our support platform Evermood. This digital assistant was set up by the Equality Office together with the advisors in case of sexual discrimination and violence in order to create a study environment that is as non-discriminatory as possible.


What can I do in the case of sexual harassment and violence? Here, you will find possibilities for action both for those affected and for those offering support. In addition, we have put together points of contact and emergency numbers for you in case of violence.

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Please contact our advisors for a first orientation counselling session. Here, you can talk confidentially about what happened to you, how you feel. Here, you will receive support and information about other counselling options and forms of support available to you. You have time to decide how you want to proceed, for example, by making an official complaint.

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The university is committed to combatting sexual harassment and violence and supports you with your complaint. A complaints office has been set up for this purpose. Regardless of the complaint procedure of the university, you may also have various legal options.

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Here, you will find the directive against sexual harassment and violence of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer as well as the legal text of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

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On this page, you will find a compilation of actions at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer which draw attention to the issue of sexual harassmentand violence.

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You can get an overview of actions and information at the university on this topic in this section.

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