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>>> Submission deadline 2024: 15 March 2024 <<<

Deadlines, dates, contact 2024: 

  • Proposals must be submitted until March 15, 2024 to the email address: anna.gerritzen(at)
  • The submitted work must have been graded in the period between 01.04.2023 and 14.03.2024.
  • Award in May; exact date to be announced.
  • Non-disclosure notice: 
    In cooperation with our data protection officer, we have drawn up a separate confidentiality agreement for the competition process for works with a blocking notice. 
    All jury members will sign this for the works in question. 
    If a work with a blocking notice is eligible for the prize, the company concerned should be informed in advance of the submission. 
    company should be informed of the submission in advance and asked for consent with reference to the 
    confidentiality agreement should be requested in advance. The confidentiality agreement can be requested from me

All details are summarized here as a PDF (in german). 

Emden Sustainability Award

Competition for a student project relating to sustainability

In cooperation with the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, Stadtwerke Emden is awarding the 4th Emden Sustainability Award for an outstanding student project or thesis in the field of sustainable development, endowed with 500 euros, as well as two special prizes for special individual achievements as defined in the call for entries, each endowed with 250 euros.

Students interested in participating in the competition should contact their mentoring lecturer. Submissions are then made by the mentoring lecturers or by Prof. Michael Schlaak. We look forward to your work!

The first Emden Sustainability Award was presented to our electrical engineering graduate Kai Rösken in 2021 for his instructive Bachelor’s thesis:

In it, Mr Rösken dealt with the development of a freely accessible computer programme that makes it possible to design battery storage for photovoltaic systems more effectively – and thus to produce more green electricity.

The Emden Sustainability Award is awarded to an outstanding student project or thesis in the field of sustainable development. It is preferred for the topic of the thesis to come from the following areas:

  • Resource conservation
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Renewable energies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Sustainable digitisation
  • recycling of valuable materials 
  • as well as the economy and society a new perspective for sustainable regional development

Proposals for the competition can be made by lecturers from the university who have supervised the academic work. The responsible lecturers must submit a one-page recommendation (short report) which makes clear:

  • which of the above areas the work refers to analytically and strategically
  • to what extent the candidate has dealt with the topic in a targeted and creative way
  • whether the work develops perspectives for implementation or promotes regional development
  • that the work has been carried out with academic care and meets the general standards

Submissions of student work must be made in digital form and include the short report in addition to the proposed work. Submissions are accepted by the university's Sustainability and Social Responsibility Coordinator.

Students in the Sustainability Certificate:
You also have the option of submitting your sustainability-related work separately to Prof. Michael Schlaak (michael.schlaak(at) for review.

All submissions will be reviewed and weighted by an expert jury consisting of representatives of the Advisory Board for Sustainability/the University, the Stadtwerke Emden, the City of Emden. The award ceremony will take place at Stadtwerke Emden.