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Applying for a job in times of Corona: What you should keep in mind now

Of course, it makes sense to inform yourself, observe the current job market and submit applications. Due to the corona situation, many new digital adaptations are being made and the recruiting as well as the application procedures will remain the same in only slightly different ways.

There are indeed currently industry-specific differences due to the difficult economic situation. You should research this in advance and include it in your considerations regarding possible applications.

If you are applying on your own initiative, you should also call the company of your choice to find out how useful such an application is at the moment.


Jobs are still being advertised. There is no cross-industry hiring freeze. Some companies have restricted their search for employees, but this is by no means the case for all of them. There are even some industries in which there is a particular demand for employees at the moment.

Suitable job advertisements, both for internships and part-time jobs, can be found on our job portal.

Further offices and contacts to regional companies can also be found on the Emsachse website. If you have any questions about the Emsachse and suitable activities within the Corona period, please contact Wilko Alberring.

For nationwide positions, for example harvest helpers for farmers, deliveries for pharmacies etc., you can find more information and also volunteer work to help with the help under the following link or

Employees are searched for in the following areas, for example:

  •     Logistics
  •     Public Health
  •     IT & Software
  •     Medical Technology
  •     Social care of children and elderly people
  •     E-Commerce

Besides, side jobs are additionally searched for here:

  •     Supermarkets
  •     Delivery services
  •     Private side jobs (tutoring etc.)
  •     Harvest helpers in agriculture
  •     Online services
  •     Mail order business

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The current situation in these areas is poor:


  •     Automotive industry
  •     Finance
  •     Consumer and luxury goods
  •     Gastronomy
  •     Real Estate
  •     Aviation
  •     Exhibition and event operators
  •     Tourism

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Just asking whether the position will be filled despite the current situation is not a good idea. The situation is tense for everyone and a flood of applicants who all ask the same question can be rather counterproductive. However, concrete questions are welcome and helpful to find out "from the back" whether the position is still vacant.

The fact that there will be a corona gap in the curriculum vitae of many people is also clear to the HR managers. Often these gaps are perceived much worse by applicants than by those who want to hire new employees. So don't worry.

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