Alumni meeting at the Galli-Markt

The alumni event of the Department of Maritime Studies and Maritime Sciences will take place on Gallimarkt Friday - this year the event will not take place due to the COVID 19 outbreak.

Participation costs 20 Euro per person - children up to 18 years of age please indicate, but they participate free of charge. Only members of the Friends of the Gallimarkt can participate for half of the fee, for partners the participation costs 20 Euro, if they are not members themselves.

The money has to be transferred to the account of the sponsoring association by October 1st of the year of participation:
IBAN: DE55285500000100677806
Sparkasse Leer / Wittmund
Purpose of donation Alumni First name Last name

With the payment the registration is binding.
In case of non-appearance there is no refund, but in any case a donation receipt.

Registration for the Alumni Event

Anmeldung Ehemaligen-Treffen Seefahrt

Anmeldung Ehemaligen-Treffen Seefahrt