In the period from Friday, September 20th, 2019 to Sunday, September 22th, 2019, we will travel together with you to the youth hostel in Borkum to get to know each other better and to facilitate your arrival at our university.

The trip to Borkum is organized by Frauke Freesemann, Coordinator of MyCampus, in close cooperation with students of the campus cultural atelier.
The student committees (AStA, STUPA and the student councils) also take part in the organization of this special study entry – since on Borkum the first semester student party takes place!
The get-together weekend is free of charge for you (except for the meals of € 35.00 per person). In addition to the ferry crossing, the university covers the costs of accommodation (bed linen included) and the rental fee for bicycles.

Questions about the trip to Borkum? Write us an E-Mail: erstifahrt(at)