Tours and Training

The University Library offers various guided tours and training courses for students, staff and pupils. The contents taught vary according to requirements.

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Current available dates for training and guided tours can always be found here:

Notifications and dates

Öffungszeiten der Hochschulbibiliotheken
Reduzierte Öffnungszeiten und Schließzeiten in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit vom 04.07.2022 bis 19.09.2022
Bibliothekskatalog und elektronische Services am 11.07.2022 nicht verfügbar
Die Bibliotheken der Hochschule Emden/Leer sind am 11. Juli 2022 geöffnet. Der Bibliothekskatalog sowie die elektronischen Services des Lokalen Bibliothekssystems stehen an diesem Tag nicht zur Verfügung.

Individual dates for guided tours and trainings are available on site at the service desk, by telephone or via e-mail.

Bibliothek Kontakt

Library. Always the right contact

Our services at a glance

We will gladly coordinate the dates in consultation with the departments or tutors or with you personally.


  • Registration - how does the start work?
  • Library catalog - how do I find literature?
  • Locations and shelf marks - where is what?
  • Extensions, placing holds - what is possible?
  • Library and Corona - what has to be considered?

Citavi is a software for literature management and knowledge organization. It is available free of charge to all students, teachers and staff.


  • Import literature data with and without Citavi-Picker
  • Manage and sort literature data, integrate it into footnotes and citations
  • Integrate full texts, pdf files and graphics
  • If interested: Insight into knowledge management with Citavi

To prepare for the training:

Please install Citavi on your computer: → installation instructions

and watch the introductory film Citavi 5 in a nutshell ↑.

This training is particularly useful if you already have a concrete topic.


  • purposeful searches
  • different types of catalogs
  • use e-books and e-journals
  • search for topics in databases

We take part in Schu:Bi - Schule und Bibliothek↑ and offer guided tours, training and, if necessary, consultation appointments to students and teachers.


  • Tour of the library
  • register, borrow and renew media
  • find books in the library catalog
  • Internet research beyond Google and Wikipedia
  • use the right search words

In addition to the offer of additive information packages, we are also happy to support you with your course in cooperation with CampusDidaktik. For example, we can work with you to find out how the acquisition of research skills can be optimally integrated into your course.

You can find further training courses offered by → CampusDidaktik.

You will receive an appointment for an individual research consultation on the occasion of your term paper, bachelor or master thesis (duration 30-45 minutes) by personal arrangement.