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Interdisciplinary sustainability certificate for school pupils

The interdisciplinary sustainability certificate offers pupils the opportunity to gain competences relating to the increasingly important topics of sustainability and social responsibility and to broaden their own horizons across disciplines.

Apply for a sustainability certificate at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer! The certificate consists of four components – here's what to expect: 

Component 1 – Introduction to sustainability and social responsibility

As an introduction to the topic of sustainability, exciting lectures by lecturers from our University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer await you as part of a digital event format. Together with the students, you will take part in four events.


Component 2 – Sustainability in your school's lessons

The topic “Education for Sustainable Development” is addressed at your school. The aim is to embed sustainability aspects in your everyday school life. Our environmental ambassadors (students at our university) will support you with this. We will consult with the teachers at your school to see how this can be implemented there.


Component 3 – Volunteering for sustainability

Your voluntary commitment to the topic of sustainability is in demand. Together with your and teachers from your school, we will look at how you can get involved in the topic of sustainability. Perhaps you have even been active for a long time, e.g. in a UNESCO group or in other activities. A project at your school would also be a great idea.


Component 4 – Practical examples of implemented sustainability

In summer/autumn, you will learn through practical examples how sustainability has already been implemented successfully in the energy industry and in the packaging industry, a little about social sustainability and Fairtrade, and the ideas and strategies which are currently being developed to make sustainable, structural changes in East Frisia.

Information for teachers


» The offer is suitable for pupils from year 10 onwards

» We will support you in setting the focus at your school

» Together with you, we will discuss which projects and initiatives are suitable for the pupils to get involved in as volunteers

» As soon as a pupil from your school applies, we will get in touch with you. The requirement is that the school actively supports the offer

» Come to us at any time with ideas and initiatives! We look forward to the exchange and the cooperation with you!


Information and registration

Birte Engelberts
Head of the Central Student Advice Service

Phone +49 4921 807-1346