Regional specialists are desperately needed - and are available, but far too often they migrate to other regions. One of the reasons for this is that the regional vocational opportunities are not sufficiently taken up. The INTERREG project "Grenzenlo(o)s Talent! wants to counteract this development. In order to keep local skilled workers for the labour market in the Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany (EDR area), it is necessary to create better opportunities, greater networking and more attractive conditions for employees and employers.

Grenzenlo(o)s Talent!“ kicks in at just that point. By creating and applying  cross-border internships, it helps students , for example, to get to know the companies in the region and find out about career opportunities. In this way, valuable experiences with the economy and the institutions of the region are made, as well as with those of the neighbouring foreign countries. Conversely, the region also benefits from international cooperation and from the latest scientific findings currently being researched, taught and developed in the education sector.

Students' early experiences with SMEs and institutions in the region often result in joint graduation projects, through which new, qualified employees can be recruited and prepared to stay with the company for the long term after graduation.

However, „Grenzenlo(o)s Talent!“ does not only appeal to young students who are still at the beginning of their professional life. By "Professionals" also those  professionals are meant who are looking for new challenges, or job seekers from inside or outside the region who want to establish themselves in the region.

Grenzenlo(o)s Talent!

The project focuses on the following target groups:

  •     Students, teaching staff, lecturers/research staff (colleges, universities, vocational schools)
  •     All unemployed jobseekers who are supported in finding a job.
  •     Employers (companies, SMEs, public authorities and institutions).

These target groups should get to know each other through cross-border internships or special events and thus be made aware of each other's potential.

Grenzenlo(o)s Talent! offers cross-border internships and research activities for college and university students and trainees.

The following possibilities are offered:

Individual opportunities for students

  • a traineeship or research assignment with an employer on the other side of the border (foreign traineeship)
    In close cooperation with companies, organisations and scientists as well as internship supervisors of educational institutions, employers, students, trainees and scientists are brought into contact with each other. One example is a student of the Hanzehogeschool who did an internship at the German company Orgadata.

For groups of students

  •  Microprojects
    Microprojects are projects of various types with at least one cross-border element. For example, there is already good experience with Noorderpoort and BBS1 pupils who have completed cross-border internships or compulsory work placements.
    • Research tasks (a few days): Students of the Hochschule Emden-Leer and the Hanzehogeschool Groningen work together for a few days on a research task.
    • Cross-border research (a few months): Students research topics of a cross-border nature together and get in contact with clients from the region.

Supporting activities for all

  • Students and employers are supported with language courses and information: for example with regard to (employment) legal aspects or insurance etc. This information is available at the EDR border information point.

All information about financing internships abroad (ERASMUS) can be found on the website of the International Office:

>> Promotion of internships in other European countries

Ms. Janine Hülsen (International Office) will be happy to help you with any questions you may have:
+49 4921 807 1372

Hier gibt es nützliche Informationen rund um unser Nachbarland die Niederlande


University of Applied Science Emden/Leer

Career Service

Sylke Ahring
Tel.: +49 4921 807-1136

Christel Boven-Stroman
Tel.: +49 4921 807-1130


The duration of the project covers the period from 01.05.2019 to 31.07.2021.

Auslandspraktikum in den Niederlanden Klappe die 2te

Sommer 2021

Auslandspraktikum in den Niederlanden Klappe die 2te

Manuela Wurps studiert an der Hochschule Emden/Leer Soziale Arbeit und Gesundheit und absolvierte ihr Pflichtpraktikum im Sommer 2021 in den Niederlanden. Sie ist die zweite Studentin, die über das Projekt „Grenzenlo(o)s Talent!“ einen Praktikumsplatz in den Niederlanden gefunden hat.
Weiter zum ganzen Bericht.



17 August 2020

An internship abroad in the Netherlands - despite Corona

Everything had worked out like clockwork: the company DesignByU in Bellingwolde in the Netherlands had a place available for a six-month internship for German students and through the contact to the project coordination of "Grenzenlo(o)s Talent! The internship started on 01. February 2020...

Furthermore you can find the:

>> Interview with Monique Moeslund, the managing director of DesignByU in Bellingwolde