Here you will find the exam registration periods of the departments.

You can register for the exams here.

Information Newsletter 21-04-28 (VP Lehre)

  • The examination period in the summer semester 2021 will take place as planned in the period from June 19 to July 10, 2021.
  • Departments offering two exam periods are encouraged to ensure that exams are evenly distributed across both exam periods.
  • All exams must be taken online wherever possible.
  • Only examinations where physical presence is unalterable due to the nature of the examination (e.g. laboratory examinations) may take place in presence. This explicitly excludes exams and oral exams!
  • The type of examination mutually agreed upon with the students for the course at the beginning of the semester may not be changed.
  • Examinations that are specified as K2 examinations according to the examination regulations may be shortened to 90 min. as determined by the departments. The reduced working time must be taken into account appropriately in the design and/or assessment of the written examination.
  • The applicable Corona regulations of the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, in particular the maximum occupancy of the event rooms, are to be strictly adhered to in the planning and execution of all presence examinations. The university management reserves the right to reject the room and schedule plans and to demand rescheduling if it is foreseeable that the university's Corona regulations cannot be observed.
  • Room and schedule plans for all face-to-face exams are due to Health&Sports by 5/14.
  • Departments shall publish their examination schedule by 5/21/2021 in an appropriate manner, including, but not limited to, on departmental/departmental websites.
  • Students who do not have adequate internet connectivity may write online exams at the college. Room allocation at the Emden study location is carried out by Health&Sports; at the Leer study location by the Dean of Studies Maritime and Maritime Sciences or the management of the Business Campus.

Here you have the possibility to register for a workstation at the university during the exam period in summer term 2021.

If, for example, your internet connection at home is not stable, you can write your online exam at the university.

First decide if you need a workstation with PC and printer (PC pool room) or if a place in a seminar room (no further technical equipment) is sufficient. Then choose the date of your exam and register for a timeslot. Further information can be found in the Moodle course room.

If you need rental equipment, please contact the computer center.

Information can be found here under the item "Study and teaching support".