Dual degree courses at the University of Applied Sciences

A dual degree combines higher education with a vocational training or with professional practice in a company. Anyone who chooses this type of study program must enroll at the university and also sign a contract with a company.

In the so-called training-integrated study programs, students who have successfully completed their studies obtain both a Bachelor's degree and a vocational qualification. The following study programs are offered at the Hochschule Emden / Leer:


Vocational integration courses

In addition, there are job-integrating study programs in collaboration with a company where the number of working hours in the company are reduced and compensated with lessons at the university. This type of study is possible in some programs if a company has a particular interest in promoting a co-worker. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the student advisory service (contact details see right column).

In addition, the following special forms / cooperation models are offered:

Advantages in practice

... for the students

  • Full university degree
  • University degree and professional qualification for skilled worker
  • Closer integration of theory and practice than in a classical university study
  • Good job opportunities in partner companies
  • Payment by the company during the entire study period

... for partner companies

  • Recruitment of junior staff
  • Young, highly qualified employees with practical work experience and precise knowledge of the company
  • Reduced or no training time
  • High identification with the company
  • High motivation and efficiency
  • Close cooperation between university and company



Prerequisite for the study in practice is at least the Fachhochschulreife and the conclusion of a contract with a partner company. Due to the high demands most companies expect from the applicants a minimum grade of their high school diploma.

Every company can become a partner in practice if it is willing to provide this training to an applicant.