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Routes into your studies

Many roads lead to Emden/Leer.

What requirements do I have to meet to study? You can find the answer on this page. And if you don't meet these requirements yet, it's no problem: we will be happy to guide you to our campus.

How you can be admitted to studies

Many roads lead to Rome – and to Emden/Leer to study. You will find all the important information about university entrance qualification here. Or simply ask our student advice service.

You can enrol with us as a student if you meet the requirements set out in the admission brochure. You can get the brochure here

A general description of the requirements for admission to higher education in Lower Saxony can be found at the "Koordinierungsstelle für die Studienberatung in Niedersachsen". There you will also find further information about studying at universities and equivalent colleges as well as universities of applied sciences: 

Studying in Lower Saxony.

If you are applying with a foreign qualification, special conditions apply to you. You can read these here (German/English).

You can find an overview of the study programmes with restricted admission including the NC values from previous past years here.

The following applies: If the number of applicants exceeds the number of study places, a selection procedure decides on the admission.

Are you interested in a study programme with restricted admission but not sure whether your average grade will get you a place? Then get in touch with us!

A pre-study internship is a prerequisite for admission to the following degree programmes:

  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Industrial Engineering (IBS)

You can obtain further information on the content and duration of the required pre-study internships hereonce you have selected the respective study programme.

Acquisition of a university entrance qualification without a university/university of applied sciences entrance qualification (entrance examination)

You would like to study but don’t have a university entrance qualification yet? Then you should inform yourself about the possibilities of acquiring the university or university of applied sciences entrance qualification (entrance examination). You can acquire special admission to a university of applied sciences with the entrance examination. It only applies to the programme you want to study. The entrance examination is intended for prospective students who would otherwise not be able to study at a university because of their school-leaving qualifications.

If you belong to this group of applicants, we strongly recommend that you have an information and counselling interview with our staff at the central student advice service.

Examination to acquire the subject-related university entrance qualification after previous vocational training

The examination to acquire the subject-related university entrance qualification after previous vocational training also opens up a pathway for you to study at a Lower Saxony university without the German Abitur.

The examination (also called an entrance examination or aptitude examination) is taken for the selected study programme, regardless of the previous professional career direction. Preparation is required in advance, which is offered by various adult education providers. An overview of the institutions that offer preparation courses is available through the Lower Saxony Agency for Adult and Continuing Education .

The legal requirements are laid down by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs in an ordinance (pdf) .

We recommend that you enquire early about the admission requirements. For information and general information, please contact the institutions that provide preparation courses and the universities in Lower Saxony that offer the desired study programme.

Examination set-up

The examination is divided into two parts, a general part and a special (subject-specific) part.

The examinations for the general part are organised and held by the preparatory institutions, adult education centres and other adult education institutions. Please contact the local institutions Bildungsvereinigung Arbeit und Leben or Volkshochschule Emden.

On the other hand, the examinations for the subject-specific part are organised and carried out by the university where the studies are subsequently to be commenced.

Registration requirements for the entrance examination

You have to meet the following requirements to register: A course of at least two years' training in a recognised occupation, culminating in an examination, or recognised vocational training, plus a full-time job for at least two years in that occupation.

These requirements may be replaced by at least five years of full-time work in a vocational field, the requirements of which are comparable to those of a training occupation. For example, the independent management of a household with responsibility for caring for at least one person in need of education or care is regarded as a full-time occupation.

In addition, as an applicant you must prove that you have prepared yourself intensively for the examination by means of an expert opinion from a recognised continuing education institution or an administrative or business academy. The expert opinion may also be obtained by a person who has completed a university course of study and who has supported the applicant's preparation in the subjects of the general part of the examination at technical college level.

The subject-specific part of the examination is taken at the university where the desired study programme is to be commenced.

Special preparation courses for the subject-specific partare usually not offered at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. The preparation takes place on an individual basis in consultation with the examiner. If there are enough prospective students for a preparation course, this will be offered after consultation.

Registration for the entrance examination

The examination is registered for by submitting the required documents to the Lower Saxony Examination Office for the acquisition of a subject-related university entrance qualification in Hildesheim.

Information regarding this can be obtained from the institutions offering preparation courses.

Registration deadline

The registration deadline for the examination is the 1 October in that year.
You can find the registration documents here.

Responsible examination office in Lower Saxony:

Examination office for the acquisition of the subject-related university entrance qualification
Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung (NLQ)

Keßlerstraße 52
31134 Hildesheim
Tel.: +49 (0)5121 1695-219
Fax: +49 (0)5121 1695-297

Kathrin Marheineke

Birgit Tischner will be happy to advise you if you need more information.

Birgit Tischner
Tel.: +49 (0)4921 807-1373
Email: birgit.tischner(at)

Studying with or without the German Abitur:
our university is open to you!

The University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer participates in the "Open University" programme initiated by the federal government and states. The aim is to open up the university to new target groups to counteract the growing shortage of professionals. This project specifically aims to break down the barriers between vocational and academic education and training. The aim is to increase the educational opportunities for all citizens and to promote lifelong learning.

One particular focus of the "Open University" is on the group of professionally qualified people.

Possible target groups are e. g:

  • Master craftsmen and technicians as well as graduates of a technical college in accordance with Section 53 and Section 54 of the Vocational Training Act or Section 42 and Section 42a of the Crafts Code (at least 400 teaching hours), who have a general university entrance qualification due to their vocational qualification. (Further information: Section 18,4 NHG)
  • Professionally qualified individualswho have acquired a subject-specific university entrance qualification following a recognised three-year training course and three years' professional experience (amendment to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act in 2010). The following currently apply at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer Technical classifications. The list is provisional and is regularly revised and supplemented. If your training occupation is not listed and you are of the opinion that it is closely related to a degree programme, contact the Central Student Advice Service and arrange an appointment. Your request might then be processed within the framework of an individual case examination.
  • Employed peoplewho have completed an apprenticeship after passing their Abitur or a university of applied sciences entrance qualification but have not completed any academic education yet
  • Employed people with a completed first course of studywho are interested in further education studies
  • Returnees to the labour market
  • Foreign prospective students

If you belong to this group of people and are interested in further education or studying, please contact the staff at the Central Student Advice Service.

Admission requirement

You don't know if you meet the admission requirements for studying? Then just get in touch with our student advice service !

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