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Preparation courses

Get fit for your studies

Preparation courses make it easier for you to start your studies. They refresh your knowledge and fill in any gaps in knowledge. You can find our offer for first-year students on this page.

Get your knowledge on track

A mathematical basis is an important prerequisite, especially in the Technology, Business Studies and Maritime Sciences faculties. You can find out how, when and where to refresh your knowledge here.

Experience has shown that most first-year students are surprised by the required entry level, especially in mathematics. Although mathematics itself is a teaching subject, certain basic principles are assumed from the start of studies. To bridge this gap before you start your studies, we also offer suitable preparation courses for your study programme.

The courses start one week before your studies – we strongly recommend that you participate.

Do you already have a professional qualification under your belt and would like to study now? You can prepare for your studies with free online preparation courses on the Offene Hochschule Niedersachsen (OHN) service centre’s portal. An overview of the courses and further information can be found at here.

Prepare yourself for your MINT studies with preparation and bridging courses in mathematics to help you make the transition from school to university. Tip: These online courses are particularly helpful: OMB+ and VE&MINT.

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