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Preparation courses

Preparation for study

As basic mathematical knowledge is required to study maritime sciences, technology and economy, the Emden/Leer University of Applied Science offers various ways to prepare for study.

Experience tells us that the most undergraduates are surprised about the required entrance level particularly in the fields of mathematics and as a result of this they have experienced significant start-up problems. Although mathematics itself is an academic subject, certain basic principles will already be provided from the start of the course.

To cover this gap before the start of your course, you will be offered in the faculties or departments of the university preparation courses with different content and also in different, complementary teaching and learning forms.

You can use the offered courses to prepare for the following courses of study:

These courses begin one week before the beginning of the lectures. It is advised to take part in these courses.


On the portal of the Open University of Lower Saxony (OHN) services, vocationally qualified prospective students can prepare for their studies or clarify whether a course of study is suitable for them in free, interactive online preparatory courses.

You can find an overview of the courses as well as further information here.

Pre-courses and bridge courses in mathematics to support the transition from school to university prepare you for your STEM course of study. Helpful here are the online courses OMB+ andVE&MINT.