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Acquisition Central Library Emden

Tel: (04921) 807-1773 or -1774


Acquisition Departmental Libraries Campus Leer

Tel: (0491) 92817-5014



Neue Bücher für die Bibliothek


Aufstellung in der Bibliothek

Purchase Suggestion

Non-fiction books and articles that you need for teaching and study, but are not available in the University Library Emden/Leer, can be ordered by the acquisition department at your branch.

You can easily forward your purchase suggestion for new media directly to us.

Please check the relevance of adding this title to the inventory of the University Library Emden/Leer before you request it. In addition, please take in consideration to request an ► Interlibrary Loan instead.

Send your purchase suggestion to the team acquisition.

Information for...

  • E-journals and databases will be purchased under license. Please apply directly to the acquisition department at the Emden branch.
  • New journal titles can only be purchased after approval by the Faculty Council or the Dean.
  • If you want to purchase more than five different titles, please contact the acquisition department which is directly responsible for your place of study.
  • If you want to purchase more than three copies of a title, this establishes a textbook collection. Please contact the acquisition department which is directly responsible for your place of study.
  • If you want to purchase more than five different titles, please contact the acquisition department at your home branch.
  • Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to decide in favour of or against a purchase.

What information we need from you...

  • First name, Name
  • User number (your user number can be found under the barcode on CampusCard / student card / library card)
  • phone number (if necessary)
  • Faculty and Department (please specify here)
    • Maritime Sciences
    • Social Work and Health
    • Technology - Electrical Engineering + Computer Science
    • Technology - Mechanical Engineering
    • Technology - Natural Sciences
    • Business Studies at CAMPUS EMDEN
    • Business Studies at BUSINESS CAMPUS LEER
    • other / superior


  • title
  • publishing year


  • author or editor
  • publisher, edition
  • ISBN
  • Further notes like e.g. the link to the title on the website of the publisher
  • Can or should the desired title be purchased as an e-book?
    • YES - The library buys the title as an e-book. If this is not possible, you will be contacted.
    • YES, IF POSSIBLE - The library will purchase the title if possible as an e-book, otherwise in print.
    • NO - the library acquires the title in print.
    • FREE - you leave the decision of the library.
  • How many copies of the above title should be purchased?
    • 1 to 3 copies
  • Would you like to receive a notification as soon as the title is available in the library?
  • Would you like to have the title be hold available for you?
    • You can then pick up the title at the service desk in the library at your branch.

Journal Lists

Here you can get information about the continuing print journals of the University Library.


The collaborative journal database (print editions from 2005) of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and the Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth allows you to search online for print journals and the available issues: Datenbank Printzeitschriften↑.

In the following lists (german, as of: 18.08.2015) you can also have an overview according to your faculty:

Classification System

The print media of the University Library Emden/Leer are positioned in a form that is based on a principle which allows the grouping of thematically related literature and thus ensures you can find relevant information quicker - a so-called classification system determines the order within positioning of our print media.

You can view the classification system of the University Library Emden/Leer [german, PDF] and use it for your research on branch or in the library catalog.