Career Service Workshops im Wintersemester 2019/2020

In your profession, you are expected not only to prepare meetings and discussions, but also to moderate them and then to present the results.
For this you need tools and a lot of practice! Therefore, the focus of this training is on practical work: After a thematic trainer input, you have the opportunity to get acquainted in various
moderation sequences in order to improve your own moderation competence.

 Goals of the workshop:

  • Design dynamic group processes safely
  • Getting to know and using moderation and presentation techniques
  • Optimize your own appearance as a moderator through feedback

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Who doesn't know it?  The thesis is about to be written and you are staring at the empty monitor - question marks in your eyes.

The two-part workshop begins with an introduction to the structure of a scientific thesis.

How do I start? Where does the list of abbreviations actually go and when do I need one at all? What is included in the table of contents and when do I create it? At the beginning or at the end, if the structure already exists? What are the different literature sources and how do I differentiate between them?

In the second part, in addition to research tips, various catalogues and databases are presented as well as different types of media and interlibrary loan. Practical examples are used to show and practice how to use the different media.

Prerequisites for participation in this workshop are basic knowledge of the library catalogue, lending modalities and an online user photo of the library.

Recommended for students who are about to start their final thesis.

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Stress-free job search

In their search for the dream job, students cannot rely on their university degree alone, but have to go through a demanding application process at many companies. Support now comes from BARMER: Students can participate in a free assessment center training. The next training with experienced BARMER managers will take place on 22.11.2019 at 12.00 noon. "During the special selection process via an assessment center, applicants are put into extreme stress situations. With the training we want to prepare the students for this stress test", says Andre Kepper, Regional Managing Director of BARMER Emden.

Practice makes the master
In BARMER's assessment center training, participants practice typical test situations under realistic conditions. This includes role plays, group discussions on any topic and self-presentation. One focus is on dealing with stress and the pressure to make decisions. Since the number of participants is limited, there is enough time for feedback and individual tips. "Already the conception of an Assessment center triggers uncertainty and fear with many applicants. Healthier is however to be able to react surely and calmly to extreme examination situations, and this is the goal of the training , so Kepper (regional managing director of the BARMER Emden). The students benefit from seminar leaders who know what matters, as they have already organised and accompanied many assessment centres within the company - both for external and internal applicants. The offer applies to all students, regardless of their affiliation to the respective health insurance fund.

Recommended for students of all courses. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided during the training!

The workshop will take place at "The Hub" of Zukunft Emden. Address: Zukunft Emden GmbH, Heinrich-Nordhoff-Straße 2, 26723 Emden, Germany

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The practice-oriented training is aimed at all students who are looking for an internship or a job. To improve your chances,
you will receive basic know-how on application management as well as
decisive tips and tricks for successful implementation. Your
you will train your professional appearance in self-presentations and simulated
Interviews. In addition, you will receive constructive feedback.

Students ....

  • find out how they can optimize their application documents.
  • receive the necessary tools for a successful job interview.
  • learn how to present their personality convincingly.

The workshop is for students of all courses of study.

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This Workshop is especially for international Students of Hochschule Emden/Leer. Workshop language is English.

This Workshop will inform you practically and vivid about the most important rules of etiquette during a job interview in a German-speaking area. Possible conduct faults will also be discussed. The theoretical part of the workshop is in English, role plays are in German if desired.

On the basis of practical examples, small role plays and speech input the speaker will suggest the application process in a German-speaking area.
Different kinds of personal interviews will be part of the workshop.


Please note that it is essential to inform us 1 week before the workshop starts if you can take part!

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Soft skills also play an important role in the application process for engineers and scientists. In addition to pure specialist knowledge, it is also important to introduce yourself and your skills to potential employers in the best possible way and thus increase the chance of being hired. In this application training, Brunel prepares you for your application process and gives you practical help in the relevant areas. From the application documents to the interview and salary negotiations, the training offers helpful tips and tricks so that you can successfully apply to companies. You will also gain a realistic insight into the future world of work.

In addition to the components of an ideal application, the training also explains the rules of a traditional job interview and also deals with the special features of an interview by telephone and video. In addition, an overview of the general dimensions of employer choice and salary developments in the various industries is given. The applicant training is rounded off with many helpful tips and tricks for salary negotiations.

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