You can visit our university with your class/group...

For your class/group we can organise a day at our university, we’ll work together with you to plan according to your wishes. Get general information about studying (degree courses, admission requirements etc.), you can inspect our laboratories and visit lectures.

If you are interested in specific degree courses or departments, we can create for your group an interesting day programme together with teachers and students from the specific faculty (Technology, Business Studies or Social Work and Health).

Your experiments in our laboratories...

Projects (experimental courses) in which you are able to join in and get ‘hands-on’ are designed to ‘waken the desire for technology’ in you. Either we experiment together with you in your school or you come along with your teacher to us at the university and carry out here with us the various tests and experiments in the laboratory. This is the best way to learn the exciting and interesting world of technology.

Chemistry in the elementary school

FORMULA X - Advancement of mathematical and natural scientific-technical learning and working


Solar Rallye

We are happy to come to your school...

The Student Counselling Service is happy to come to your school and inform your students about studying in general and about our complete offer of courses. If your students are interested in special courses, we are happy to bring specialist teachers and students.

Should your school have a University or Careers Information Day, we look forward to your invitation. We are happy to come!