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Interdisciplinary sustainability certificate

The interdisciplinary sustainability certificate offers our students the opportunity to gain competences relating to the increasingly important topics of sustainability and social responsibility and to broaden their own horizons across disciplines.

The four components can be spread over the entire period of study and can be completed at the student’s own pace. Entry into the certificate course is possible at any time. The content focus points are provided in the certificate course offering and are welcome!

The four components of the sustainability certificate

Component 1

Four-part introductory lecture series about climate change, education for sustainable development, post-growth, the sustainable lifestyle, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and more.

Component 2

This is about sustainability in teaching:

a) in a seminar from their own study programme and

b) with an interdisciplinary excursion into a sustainable course in another subject area. An overview of all previous events with a sustainable focus can be found in the Moodle course. New proposals can be submitted to Anna Gerritzen at any time.

Component 3

This component is all about your voluntary commitment to one of the university’s many sustainable projects and initiatives, such as the Sustainability team, the Gambia project, the Solar Boat team, the Campus garden green sponsorship project, the Fairtrade Steering Group, Wind Challenge, Repair Café Emden, the UNICEF university group, as an environmental ambassador or you can even come up with your own idea.

Component 4

Implemented sustainability in professional life and society is the focus of component 4. With simulation games, film screenings, company visits, campaign days and lectures, every student can find something suitable.

For non-binding registration and information, contact: anna.gerritzen(at)

More detailed information on the course, current dates and events are available in the Moodle course of the “Sustainability Certificate” professionalisation programme . All participants receive all information emails about the certificate course via the Moodle course.

The detailed regulations are summarised in our information brochure.


Individual progress on the certificate course is recorded in the certificate study book, which you can request from Anna Gerritzen. The required achievements in the four certificate components are then gathered in any order. The completed study book is submitted at the end of the certificate course. There is then a ceremonial awarding of the certificate with university president Prof. Gerhard Kreutz.

Learn about the sustainability certificate for students or international exchange students!

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