Interdisciplinary Projects

NSSC research project

Together with the Maritime Competence Centre, Faculty of Maritime Sciences was project partner in the EU Interreg IVB project "North Sea Supply Connect" (NSSC). The project from the "North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013" had a duration of three years (Oct. 2009-Oct. 2012) and a total volume of more than 2.7 million €.

The project involved a total of 14 project partners from five North Sea countries, including Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden. In addition to business development agencies and cluster management organisations, the consortium included chambers of commerce, science and transfer institutions and public authorities. During the project, the MARIKO cooperated with the Department of Maritime Sceinces at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, which as a scientific partner brought specialist expertise on specific issues of the maritime economy into the project.

Just as broadly based as NSSC was the sister project "BalticSupply" from the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, which brings together 16 partners from eight countries bordering the Baltic Sea, especially from the Baltic States.

North Sea Supply Connect and its sister project BalticSupply pursued the common goal of strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises from the North/Baltic Sea region, the old Hanseatic economic area, by developing suitable support services in the competition for supra-regional supply contracts.

The focus was on the sectors:

  •     Maritime economy
  •     Energy industry
  •     Food and health care industry

and in particular in "innovative niches" where barriers to entry for new suppliers were considered to be surmountable.

Within the framework of the project work, the establishment of networks along the so-called North-East corridor should be promoted, hence "North Sea Supply Connect". Economic development agencies in the partner regions were to be provided with a set of instruments with the help of which they could put small and medium-sized enterprises in a position to position themselves successfully on the supra-regional supplier markets. At the same time, access to new innovative suppliers from the North/Baltic Sea region should be made easier for large companies from the above sectors.

It was planned to develop and provide a so-called "Business Development Platform" with different categories of services, which were developed in close cooperation between companies and business development agencies and should take into account "best practice approaches" from the entire cooperation area. The platform should include both online and offline services, including, for example

  •     sector-specific business registers (for suppliers),
  •     Information on tendering procedures and the submission of bids ("Tendering and Procurement Tools"),
  •     Consulting on the topic of acquisition of subsidies and
  •     the organisation of matchmaking events

All offers should be prepared cluster-specifically, i.e. they should also be available specifically for the maritime industry. The implementation of a 6-month pilot phase in 2012 should ensure that the services meet the needs of the companies in an optimal way or are adapted again before the platform starts its permanent operation.

More information about the project via the contact at the Faculty of Maritime Sceinces

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Göken
Email: juergen.goeken(at)