Maritime Sciences
interdisciplinary projects

Interdisciplinary cooperation – this is very important to the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and it rates the highest value on research into sustainable technologies. “The appointment procedure of the last few years has been very much concentrated on an interdisciplinary lining up of the college” stresses Prof Dr Klaus Heilmann.

Accordingly, the field of maritime engineering combines professors from nautical science, shipbuilding, hydraulic and mechanical engineering, physics and computer science. The scientists in Leer currently focus on subjects of "Green Shipping" and "Offshore Wind Energy".

The first one deals with the reduction of the impact of shipping on the environment . “We work on leading projects on the future of marine propulsion systems" explains Prof. Dr. Marcus Bentin. Thus innovative projects are supposed to be implemented for different types of ships or fields of application within the next three years.

Prof. Dr. Jann Strybny is primarily concerned with the topic of offshore wind energy and has established a new laboratory for ocean engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. In cooperation with the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute in Karlsruhe, among others, computer-assisted procedures for three-dimensional modeling of currents are further developed. These so-called Computational Fluid Dynamics Procedures are in the maritime area great for exploring how waves bear down on the foundation structures of offshore wind energy plants.