Prof. Christel Aertker

Phone: 04921 807-1183
Mail: Christel.Aertker(at)


Area of expertise: management accounting, management taxation


Dipl.-Ök. Marina Alvares-Wegner

Phone: 04921 807-1184
Mail: Marina.Alvares-Wegner(at)


Area of expertise: business management, marketing, communication and presentation

Prof. Dr. Till Becker

Phone: 04921 807-1216
Mail: Till.Becker(at)


Area of expertise: Business Informatics

Prof. Dr. Florian Dorozalla

Phone: 04921 807-1163
Mail: Florian.Dorozalla(at)

Area of expertise: Corporate Management


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Elsner

Phone: 04921 807-1163
Mail: Reinhard.Elsner(at)

Area of expertise: Business informatics, logistics, mobility and transport research, business process design, application development, consulting and project management


Office hours R. Elsner Thursdays, room G109/G108 11.45am-12.30pm, only parallel to lectures except project week WS19/20.

Prof. Dr. Ute Gündling

Phone: 04921 807-1164
Mail: Ute.Guendling(at)

Area of expertise: Marketing & Sales


Prof. Dr. Marc Hanfeld

Phone: 04921 807-1222
Mail: Marc.Hanfeld(at)

Area of expertise: Energy Management


Prof. Dr. Knut Henkel

Phone: 04921 807-1168
Mail: Knut.Henkel(at)

Field of expertise: "Accounting and Business Taxation" with a focus on accounting in general and accounting for financial instruments and banks in particular


Prof. Dr. Henning Hummels

Phone: 04921 807-1221
Mail: Henning.Hummels(at)

Field of expertise: Marketing and Sales esp. B2B Marketing, Sales, Sales Management, International Marketing


Prof. Dr. Thomas Lenz

Phone: 04921 807-1219
Mail: Thomas.Lenz(at)

Area of expertise: Business taxation and balance sheet accounting

Prof. Dr. Heike Nolte-Ebert

Phone: 04921 807-1007
Mail: Heike.Nolte-Ebert(at)

Area of expertise: Corporate Management


Prof. Dr. Reiner Osbild

Phone: 04921 807-1220
Mail: reiner.osbild(at)

Area of expertise: Economic policy


Prof. Dr. Olaf Passenheim

Phone: 04921 807-1193
Mail: Olaf.Passenheim(at)

Area of expertise: Corporate Management


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Portisch

Phone: 04921 807-1177
Mail: Wolfgang.Portisch(at)

Area of expertise: capital market financing, early risk detection, restructuring, insolvency


Prof. Dr. Ute Rademacher

Telefon: 04921 807-
E-Mail: ute.rademacher(at)
Fachgebiet: Wirtschaftspsychologie

Prof. Dr. Jan Christopher Pries

Telefon: 04921 807-
E-Mail: jan.preis(at)
Fachgebiet: Wirtschaftspsychologie

Prof. Dr. Marco Rimkus

Phone: 04921 807-1230
Mail: marco.rimkus(at)

Area of expertise: Human Resources and Organizational Management


Dr. Julia Roederer (Verwaltungsprofessur)

Mail: Julia.Roederer(at)
Area of expertise: Wirtschaftspsychologie


Prof. Dr. Wolfang Schlappa

Phone: 04921 807-1183
Mail: Wolfgang.Schlappa(at)
Area of expertise: Recht


Prof. Dr. Dirk Schleuter

Phone: 04921 807-1218
Mail: Dirk.Schleuter(at)
Area of expertise: Produktion und Logistik


Prof. Dr. Gerd Schulte

Phone: 04921 807-1211
Mail: Gerd.Schulte(at)
Area of expertise: Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung, Investition, Logistikcontrolling, Supply Chain Management und Supply Chain Controlling, Projektcontrolling, Earned Value Management


Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwarz

Phone: 04921 807-
Mail: Joachim.Schwarz(at)

Area of expertise: Marktforschung und Quantitative Methoden

Prof. Dr. Anne Schweizer

Phone: 04921 807-

Area of expertise: Digitales Marketing und Logistik

Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Vogel

Phone: 04921 807-1217
Mail: hans-gert.vogel(at)
Area of expertise: Civil commercial law/ economic, banking and financial law


Prof. Dr. Carsten Wilken

Phone: 04921 807-1012
Mail: Carsten.Wilken(at)
Area of expertise: Controlling


Prof. Dr. Annika Wolf

Phone: 04921 807-1224
Mail: annika.wolf(at)

Area of expertise: Corporate and project finance