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The connection between theory and practice

At the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, the close relationship of theory and practice can be seen in various ways – above all in the university’s collaboration with regional and national business: The students’ practical phase in a business is thus an important component of their study at our university. Businesses can directly benefit from this cooperation. 

The practical phase: Students in a business

The practical phase is an integral part of university studies which guarantee a practical approach in university education. The business also benefits from this time: in the form of a shortened training period for graduates.


The students going into the practical phase have already gained a grounded, basic business education as well as specialist knowledge in their focus subjects. Get to know these potential employees in a “test phase”, without obligation.

The advantages for your business

A student’s practical phase in your business has direct and long-term advantages:

Your business benefits directly from the know-how and commitment of the student and their teachers. During the practical phase, the students bring time and specialist knowledge with them for tasks which possibly should have been tackled in your company a long time ago. They can also write a Bachelor dissertation on these projects. For example, possible topics are:

  • Market analysis for a new project
  • Introducing or expanding a controlling system
  • Developing risk management

You can also get to know potential employees with a great deal of specialist knowledge very early on. The students can consolidate the knowledge acquired in their studies at your business and can later prove their practical experiences in operations as engaged and well-trained employees.

Motivated and well-educated specialist employees are the most important resource for a company. The key: get the best applicants, develop their potential and make them feel like part of the business. During the practical phase, your business can get to know highly qualified students from the Faculty of Business Studies and win them for the business even before they graduate.


You will soon see current graduate profiles on this site. 

What happens during the practical phase?

We would be delighted if you would make internship opportunities available to us. The students will then send their applications to you. The practical phase has a minimum duration of 12 weeks (net, without holiday) for a working week of 40 hours. Students should catch up on any absences.

A contract is entered into between you and the student about the practical phase which governs the working time, insurance and remuneration, among other things. We are happy to provide you with a sample contract. The student is mentored by a professor from the university. At the end of the internship, you provide a certificate about the duration and content of the phase. An additional qualified reference about their activities is also advantageous. The practical phase ends with a report and a presentation about the completed operative activities and projects undertaken within the business. 

Joint projects: Find the solution with student teams

Would you like to run a project with the faculty? Do you have an issue or goal and are you looking for a well-grounded professional solution? Are there projects which you just don’t have time for in everyday business?


The Faculty of Business Studies is offering you the opportunity to let student teams work on these tasks, under the guidance of professors. This way, the students experience everyday business life, consolidate their theoretical know-how and experience “hands-on” project management. Successfully completed projects