Produktion, Logistik und Wirtschaftsinformatik

ProLoWi - Bist du dabei

Production, Logistic and Business Informatics

The focus subjects of the leaning concept are based on the paradigm that the effective and efficient management of logistics processes – resulting from the growing national and international division of labour – can only succeed through the linking of the flow of materials and information of suppliers, customers and service providers.

A requirement for the controlling and optimisation of material flow and production processes is based on the provision of consistent information systems.

The application of the solutions and methods developed for this is not limited to the production industry, but can – in a modified form – also be applied to the logistics processes of many service industries.

The core areas of the study focus subject address:

  • The production process as well as the underlying production systems. They take into consideration the logistic upstream and downstream sub-processes: Acquisition, supplier management, in/outgoing logistics, transport management, warehousing and the provision of materials.
  • The management processes for shaping and optimising logistics and production processes. These include PPS systems as well as the “Kaizen” concepts and methods of process planning and optimisation (e.g. Kanban).
  • The IT integration and consistent support of processes. This refers to basic IT knowledge as well as the functionality of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).  The applications to IT technical integration of suppliers and customers using supply chain management systems are also taught.

In terms of Business Information Systems, the course content on system planning/design, programming, project management, etc., are taught, beyond the overlap of the IT support of production and logistics.

During your studies, you can concentrate on one of both sub sections of the focus subject by attending lectures primarily in Production/Logistics or Business Information Systems. However, at least one module from each of these subject areas must be obtained.

There are good combination possibilities with the


  • Commercial study focus subjects: Controlling, Marketing
  • Technical study focus subjects: Production Planning, Technical Information Systems
My Strengths
  • Working with methods to shape and optimise management procedures and processes
  • Interdisciplinary, holistic/process-oriented thinking, which means integrative consideration of business administration, production technology, logistics and information systems
  • Teamwork and an interest in intercultural cooperation
  • Interest in shaping and applying information systems
  • Good knowledge of at least one foreign language, preferably English
Typical Career Profile
  • Contract Logistics Project Planner
  • Export Logistics Controller
  • Material Flow Concept System Planner
Example Entry Positions
  • Shipping and Outgoing Goods Team Leader
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Logistics Process Planner