Schwerpunkt Marketing / Vertrieb!

Liebe Studierende, willkommen im Schwerpunkt Marketing / Vertrieb!

What is marketing, what is sales? Above all, one thing: Versatile!

From the data-loving market researcher to the sales representative who loves to travel, there is a wide range of diverse tasks that require many, sometimes very different, core competencies such as logical/structured thinking, contact and communication skills, and (for the salesperson) a certain amount of frustration tolerance. Common to all tasks is an interest in and focus on the needs of customers and markets. On the following pages you will find out which professors and modules we use to prepare you for a career as a marketer or in sales.

2-semester practical project

- for the strategic reorientation of BSV Kickers Emden in SS 20 and WS 21/22

1-semester Design Thinking project

- for the innovative future design of the Center for Continuing Education of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in SS 21

Marketing/Sales Trainee

Marketing assistant/manager

(Junior) Sales Assistant/Manager, Field Sales Representative

(Junior) Channel Manager

(Junior) Product/Brand Manager

(Junior) Online Marketing/Social Media/E-Commerce/Content Manager

Market Researcher, Market/Business Analyst

Media Planner

Project Manager

Marketing (Junior) Consultant

Internal sales representative


  • Applied Marketing Research
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Seminar (English)
  • E-Business Basics
  • E-Business Practice
  • E-commerce
  • Empirical Marketing Research
  • International Marketing (english)
  • Marketing (basics)
  • Marketing 4.0
  • Marketing project
  • Operational marketing for SME
  • Quantitative methods of market research with R
  • Sales


  • Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing management
  • Marketing project
  • Sales Management


In each case the current available edition:

  • Albers, S./ Krafft, M.: Vertriebsmanagement. SpringerGabler.
  • Bruhn, M.:  Marketing - Grundlagen für Studium und Praxis. Gabler.
  • Godefroid, P./ Pförtsch, W.: Business-to-Business Marketing. Kiehl Verlag.
  • Gündling, U.: Strategische Analyse und Handlungsempfehlungen für den Online-Handel der camel activefashionworld, in: Pepels, W. (Hrsg.): Fallstudien zum Marketing, Kiehl Verlag, S. 429 – 450.
  • Hollensen, S.: Global Marketing. Pearson.
  • Homburg, C.: Marketing-Management, SpringerGabler.
  • Kotler, P./ Kartajaya, H./ Setiawan/ I.: Marketing 4.0: Moving from traditional to digital. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Kreutzer, R. T.: Praxisorientiertes Online-Marketing, SpringerGabler.
  • Scheed, B./ Scherer, P.: Strategisches Vertriebsmanagement. B2B Vertrieb im digitalen Zeitalter. SpringerGabler.
  • Scheier, C.; Held, D.: Wie Werbung wirkt – Erkenntnisse des Neuromarketing, Haufe.
  • Winkelmann, P.: Vertriebskonzeption und Vertriebssteuerung. Vahlen


Specialization Marketing / Sales!

Dear students, welcome to the Marketing / Sales concentration!