Business Management

As opposed to the usual consolidation subjects, which serve to adopt function-specific knowledge, the study focus subject “Business Management” (General Management) teaches cross-functional management knowledge. This means that graduates are capable of successfully mastering practical challenges with a comprehensive understanding of business management. In particular, the students receive a systematic overview of functions, tools and the practice of management, and personnel management.
The graduate area of application of this focus subject is particularly broad, as management competences are obtained which can be put into practice universally.

Combination possibilities with other focus subjects:

For information: In the summer semester 2012, 70.8% of the students in the practical phase chose the focus subject Business Management, approx. 30% chose it in combination with Finance Management and Controlling, around 20% in combination with Marketing and Sales among students in the Business Administration study programme, for those in the International Business Administration study programme this was around 40%, just around 20% in combination with the focus subject Production, Logistics and Business Information Systems, and 10% for International Business Administration.


There is no “ideal” combination with other focus subjects. Rather, when choosing their focus subjects, students have the ideal opportunity to combine subject-specific knowledge from another focus subject with the various possibilities and challenges of Management and Business Management. This enables the students to grow into management trainees which are in demand and who can be employed at the interface between specialised functions and specialised executive functions, already from their first day at work. 

My Strengths
  • Customer-oriented, entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Teamwork and resilience
  • Oral and written articulateness
  • Analytical skills
  • Organisational skills
Typical Career Profile
  • Personnel Officer
Example Entry Positions
  • Human Resources Trainee
  • Assistant of the Managing Director Business Engineer
  • Assistant of the Managing Director
  • Personnel Officer