Market and Consumers

In this specialization "Market and Consumers" you choose modules from the business psychology portfolio, such as media psychology, consumer and market psychology, as well as modules from the business administration portfolio. Here you can choose from modules such as Marketing 4.0, Market Research and International Marketing.

You will deal with the planning, coordination and control of all company activities geared to current and potential markets with the aim of satisfying customer needs in the long term and at the same time ensuring that the company's goals are achieved. The field of marketing should be understood here as a strategically oriented process that involves all areas of a company.

My Strengths
  • Communication and presentation
  • Consulting and sales
  • Customer orientation
  • Quantitative methodology
  • Strategic thinking
  • IT applications such as Power Point, Word, Excel ...
  • ... then this specialization is exactly the right thing for you.
Typical Career Profile
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer consultant
  • Market and consumer researcher
  • Advertising
  • You have a wide range of options for your career entry.