In this specialization "Human Resources" you choose modules from the business psychology portfolio such as industrial psychology, organizational and personnel psychology, as well as modules from the business management portfolio. Here you can choose from modules such as Organizational Analysis, Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management I & II.

By choosing this specialization, you will be able to successfully master practical challenges with a comprehensive understanding of human resources and business management. You will gain a systematic overview of the functions, tools and practice of management and also human resource management.

Due to the mix of business administration and psychology, your areas of application in companies are particularly large, because you acquire universally applicable leadership and social skills during your studies.

If your strengths are in...
  • Customer orientation, entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Ability to work in a team and under pressure
  • Linguistic and written expression skills
  • Empathy and knowledge of human nature
  • Ability to analyze
  • Organization
  • ...then this specialization is exactly the right one for you.
Classic occupational fields are e.g.
  • Management consultant
  • Organizational consultant internal/external
  • organizational developer
  • personnel officer
  • Thereby you have various possibilities for your career entry.