Optimization of Biological parameters and Microbiological activity in Biogas plants – A probe into Efficiency Enhancement

The aim of the study is to determine the biological parameters that fit in the mathematical Anaerobic Digestion Model (ADM 1) for enhanced biogas production. The individual activities and growth curve of the different bacterial groups in the complex ecosystem will be experimentally determined to ascertain the limiting factors at the various stages. The determination of biological activity in each step of biogas production is very instrumental in improving the ADM1 model that bears uncharacterized values from IWA (International Water Association).  The analysis of different biomass composition in different commercial biogas plants and effect of rapid change in substrates will be beneficial to understand the varying behaviour of the bacteria that influences the biogas production. The development of a standard system for determination of active biomass of the important groups of bacteria involved in the anaerobic digestion will enable biogas plants to solve typical application problems of fluctuating production even under uniform conditions. 


Laufzeit: 01.10.2011 -30.09.2014

Partner: Universität Oldenburg

Förderung durch: DAAD-Siemens

Kontakt bei EUTEC: M. Sc. Preseela Satpathy, Prof. Dr. Axel Borchert, Prof. Dr. Eike Siefert, Prof. Dr. Sven Steinigeweg