Internship options

Work placement in Germany

Dear student,

In today’s world, international work experience is becoming increasingly more important. We know that it is sometimes difficult for you to find a work placement abroad and that usually students have to organize it by themselves.

This is why we formed a new cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for East-Frisia and Papenburg (IHK). This cooperation helps us to be more efficient in supporting you with your search for a work placement.

Who can participate?

Students from the 2nd year onwards can participate, if they are studying in the field of Technology  at one of our partner universities and spend at least one study semester abroad at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. Students have to be enrolled as regular students at their home university the during the internship period.

Sufficient knowledge of German in writing and speaking is required. 

For the application procedure:        

•The form “Kurzprofil für ausländische Studierende*” must be filled in by yourself (in German, available at the International Office) * signature of a supervising teacher of this University is important

•CV stating prior work experience (in German)
•Passport Photograph
•Transcript of Records (in English, in German if possible)
•Copy of your international health insurance card

We reserve the right to make a first selection of the applying students.

Your application form, along with the CV and the résumé will be forwarded to the German companies.

The final selection will be done by the companies directly. We only organize the contact and are contact persons in case of any questions. The agreement about the work placement is arranged between you and the company. Details like working hours, salary, holidays and other conditions are directly negotiated between student and company.

The application procedure will take a few months. Please send us your application as soon as possible. There is no legal claim for a successful placement.