Annotation for stereo microphotographs

Main goals

E.L.M.I. fully supports flicker free stereoscopic image display in real color, using pol-monitors and OpenGL. 

Following features are currently implemented for 3D vision:

  • Zoom, rotate and drag left and right half image without flicker (Open GL)
  • Synchronously zooming, rotation and dragging in full stereo-3D without flicker.
  • Watching several 3D-stereo images on one screen at a time
  • 3D mice (SpacePilot) are supported.
  • Support for forensic half image comparison
  • Tool for correction of misplaced ( by rotation and / or by vector ) halfimages.
  • Stereo image manager for convenient loading of stereo half-image pairs.
  • Annotation possible

Stereo image manager

Each stereoscopic image consists of two half images. The left one (seen by the left eye) and the right one (seen by the right eye).

There is a special "stereo image pair" dialog implemented in E.L.M.I. to simply feed these half images to database. 

The database takes care of proper displayment with ElmiVision, the module for stereoscopic viewing in real colors. All corrections applied to these half images (misplacements due to vecor and or rotation) are stored, maintained and traced with the database engine beyond.