Frequently asked Questions

Questions concerning your application

Am I eligible to apply for the Master's program Technical Management?

Yes if you have

  • gained a degree from a technical or natural scienfitic bachelor degree program with at least 210 ECTS/CP or an equivalent diploma. Note: If you graduated in a three years program with 180 ECTS/CP, you would need to compensate missing ECTS with additional courses during your study.
  • 1 year full time work experience in an industry.
  • Proof of English language skills (certified)

Will my application be accepted if it reaches the university after deadline?

No, the deadline will be the latest date for incoming applications. No exceptions will be made.

Should I enclose recommendation letters from my current university?

No, only letters showing work experience after graduation are welcome.

--> Application procedure

What is the latest Date to transfer my tuition fee?

If you start in March, the fee should be transferred until 28th of February. If you start in September, the fee should be transferred until 31st of August.

Does an internship count as work experience?

Unfortunately, an internship does not count as work experience. We ask you to have professional work experience in an industry. The employment had to last minimum one year in full-time.


Questions concerning the Visa procedure

Can you keep me updated on my Visa procedure? 

Unfortunately, we cannot keep you updated on your Visa procedure, as the university itself has no influence on the administration of the Visa application. You can get information via the embassy or the German foreign registration office. Some of the information you have given is private, thus we are not able to get an insight in the Visa procedure, due to laws governing data protection and data security.


Which housing address do I have to fill in the Visa Application, if I do not have an accommodation yet?

Please fill in the address of the University of Applied Sciences in Emden.


Questions upon your arrival

Do I have to obtain German skills previous to my arrival in Germany?

You do not have to obtain German language skills previous to your arrival in Germany. Language courses are offered, thus, you are able to learn German upon your arrival at the campus. Already in the Introduction Week, you are able to participate in a German Classification Course, in case you do already obtain slight German skills. Otherwise, mandatory German courses are offered each semester. 


Do I have to apply for a health insurance?

Yes, this is mandatory in Germany if you're not a citizen of the EU.

A liability insurance is strongly recommended.


How can I find an accommodation?

The following link provides an overview of University owned facilities:


Do you offer scholarships?

Mystipendium supports students and PHDs in finding suitable scholarships. Scholarships are not only available for talented and encouraged people but for everyone. Each application is assessed individually and takes the CV of the student into account. Please follow the link below for detailed information:


Do I have to get a blocked bank account?

A block account is like a savings account with sufficient funds and a non-negotiability notice.

Please contact your embassy, to get information for the requirements. You should apply for the blocked account early. In fact, the handling takes one week after the bank received your complete documents. Please note that the duration can prolong especially in the beginning of the semester due to the high number of applications.

The following link states the application for a blocked account at Deutsche Bank:


Questions concerning the application procedure

What is a wait list?

The master study program Technical Management receives more applications from highly qualified applicants than there are available positions in the entering course, thus, some students will receive information to join the wait list. As soon as it can be concluded, how many students have accepted the initial admission offer, the wait list will be applied to fill the remaining positions in the course.


What is the clearing procedure?

In case university places remain vacant after the main preselection proceedings, the clearing procedure occurs.

The clearing procedure offers vacant study places to applicants according to the ranking of the waiting list. However, the time span between the notice of being registered on the waiting list and receiving the declaration of taking part in the clearing procedure will take a few weeks.

Please be patient, and do not hesitate to contact the Coordination Office Technical Management for update on your status.

As a participant of the clearing procedure you will receive detailed information via E-Mail, stating all necessary information.




  • Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

  • Short description: This Master´s degree course mediates detailed kowledge of technical and management processing. Students will be prepared to implement project management functions in the field of technology, and learn how to use and develop problem-solving strategies in a creative and sovereign way. The language of instruction is English.

    Homepage of the Study program

  • Type: Continuing education programm
  • Standard Period of Study: 3 semester

  • Department: Technology

  • Place of Study: Emden/Germany

  • Admission restrictions: yes

  • Former NC (numerous clauses) or admission restriction: -

  • Pre-Study Internship: no

  • Entrance Requirements: a completed technical study as Dipl.-Ing. (FH, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), etc. or Dipl.-Ing. (UNI), etc. or Bachelor-Degree with 3,5 years of technical study (210 ETCS) and minimum one year full-time subject-related professional occupation. Attestation of knowledge of the English language proficiency.

  • Regulations
  • Flyer

  • Module-Handbook

  • Notes: The master course and its degree will be fully accredited by the German accreditation agency ZEvA. The accreditation assurs and validates both highest standards in teaching an studying and an international acknowledged degree for the entrance in PhD-Programmes.