Graduation ceremony of the faculty of technology: student of Technical Management receives certificate as best master's graduate

193 graduates of the faculty of technology have something to celebrate:

Friday afternoon, 137 junior members were invited by the Dean, Professor Dr. Ing. Rüdiger Götting to celebrate their degrees together with their relatives, friends and guests of the Department of Technology. The festive finale to the well-filled Johannes a Lasco library was a total of 193 bachelor's and master's degrees in the field of technology. The official congratulations of the city Emden brought Mayor Lina Meyer. Dean Götting encouraged the former students: "Be proud of your accomplishments and spread the acquired skills of your studies in Emden to the region and the whole world". He emphasized the importance of an international orientation of the study program. The President of the University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer, Professor Gerhard Kreutz, congratulated on behalf of the entire university management and demanded: "Think outside the box!". Given the fast pace of technological progress, this is  the most important factor in helping to shape future engineering developments.

In front of a large audience, the best bachelor's and master's students of the last six months received a certificate and a book present. Among them:

Abhinav Radhakrishnan, Master of Engineering in Technical Management, Grade: 2.07; Grade of final thesis: 2,3; Topic of the thesis: "Digitalization Methodology of Assets - A basic guidebook for the digitization of Industry 4.0 compliant", first examiner: Prof. Dr. Armando Walter Colombo

Students of the winter semester 2017/18

International Evening: India

Some impressions of the Indian evening at the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer from May 17th, 2017.

Hannover Messe 2017

The excursion to Hannover Messe 2017 has been an interesting and inspiring experience.

Business Dinner

Students and professors of Technical Management held a business dinner in accordance with the lecture "Communication & Culture". 

Facility visit: Enercon

The company ENERCON is one of the technology leaders in the wind energy sector for 30 years and is the largest tenant and cooperation partner in EEZ-Aurich.

ENERCON is also a pioneer in areas such as rotor blade construction, control or grid connection technology, and has repeatedly demonstrated its great innovative power with a multitude of technological new developments.

During the excursion an in depth inside in the management, production and career opportunities has been provided.



Facility visit: HSEQ

HSEQ was founded 2013 due to the shortage of specialists in the field of health, safety, environment and quality in the area of East Frisia. Over the past few years HSEQ has not only extent their portfolio but was also able to increase their order position, cooperating partners and personnel. With the visit we enhanced the importance and overall perspective on small businesses and their chance of success and profit in the long term. 

Welcoming and campus tour with the new students of the summer semester 2017


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