Application Procedure

Application guideline for non EU citizen:

  • If your are a non EU citizen please download the step by step manual and switch to uni-assist
  • Your application must reach before the deadlines, which are:
    • Winter semester starting in september: 30. April for non EU citizen
    • Summer semester starting in march: 30. September for non EU citizen
  • Further information can be gained on the site of the Federal Foreign Office.
  • Click here for more information about Visa requirements and health insurance for non EU students.



Application guideline for EU and German citizen:

  • If you are an EU citizen please switch to uni-assist.  
  • Your application must reach before the deadlines, which are:
    • Winter: 15. July for EU citizen
    • Summer: 15. January for EU citizen
  • If you are a German citizen, please download the application form
  • Fill it on-screen (please understand that we cannot accept handwriting!).
  • Print it and sign it personally.
  • Attach a passport photo (name/date of birth on the backside) to the first page of the printed form.
  • Put the application form and all documents in just one envelope (please do not use folders or more than one envelope).
  • German-candidates send their application to the following address:

Hochschule Emden/Leer
Constantiaplatz 4
D-26723 Emden

Your application must reach before the deadlines, which are:

Winter: 15. July for EU citizen 

Summer: 15. Jan. for EU citizen 



Important information concerning your application:

  • Copy all required documents (see list below)
  • If a document is not in English or German it needs to be translated completely.
  • All of the documents (copies, translations) have to be submitted as hardcopy and have to be authenticated by
    • the register at your university,
    • the German Embassy, German Consulate or German Diplomatic Representation in your country,
    • a notary,
    • or other public administration offices



Required Documents:

  • All documents as hard copies in German or English, authenticated
  • Current CV which includes work-experience, educational background and language qualifications
  • All previous university degree certificate(s)
  • Transcripts with titles and grades of all courses attended
  • High School diploma or equivalent certificate (which entitles you for studying)
  • APS-certificate (only compulsory for applicants from P. R. China)
  • Certificate of proficiency in English language, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS, CPE. (Only to be omitted if your mother tongue is English.)  
  • Certificates of relevant business experience after graduation as a bachelor



Recommended Documents:  

  • Certificate of proficiency in German language (if applicable)


Procedure after your documents have reached

  • You will get a confirmation notice after your application has been processed. Processing of applications will only be done once a week. Please contact us if a confirmation will not be at your site after two weeks.
  • Only complete applications will be processed. Incomplete applications will be rejected directly.
  • A performance-comparison will be done at the end of application period. The top-ranked applicants will get admission.
  • Within 4 weeks after the application deadline you will be informed regarding your status of admission.
  • Admitted students will be asked to declare the acceptance of their admittance.
  • Due to administration procedures and effort, we can not disclose the different reasons for rejecting an application.

  • Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

  • Short description: This Master´s degree course mediates detailed kowledge of technical and management processing. Students will be prepared to implement project management functions in the field of technology, and learn how to use and develop problem-solving strategies in a creative and sovereign way. The language of instruction is English.

    Homepage of the Study program

  • Type: Continuing education programm
  • Standard Period of Study: 3 semester

  • Department: Technology

  • Place of Study: Emden/Germany

  • Admission restrictions: yes

  • Former NC (numerous clauses) or admission restriction: -

  • Pre-Study Internship: no

  • Entrance Requirements: a completed technical study as Dipl.-Ing. (FH, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), etc. or Dipl.-Ing. (UNI), etc. or Bachelor-Degree with 3,5 years of technical study (210 ETCS) and minimum one year full-time subject-related professional occupation. Attestation of knowledge of the English language proficiency.

  • Regulations
  • Flyer

  • Module-Handbook

  • Notes: The master course and its degree will be fully accredited by the German accreditation agency ZEvA. The accreditation assurs and validates both highest standards in teaching an studying and an international acknowledged degree for the entrance in PhD-Programmes.