After Admission




to the Master's Program Technical Management



This information is relevant once you have received your admission notification.

Prepare everything to arrive in time!

We suggest being in Emden one week before lectures start to fulfill all administrative obligations at the university and municipality.

Lectures usually start

  • 1st week in March (summer semester) and
  • 2nd last full week in September (winter semester)

The official semester start is fixed to March 1st (summer semester) and September 1st (winter semester).

For a successful start in Emden, please follow these steps: 

  1. Immediately after receiving your admission documents: 

    1. Prepare all necessary documents for your Visa application.
      (Consult your local German embassy)
    2. Send back your acceptance statement and, if applicable, any requested documents as indicated on the “missing documents” sheet in the admission letter.
    3. Apply for a place in a hall of residents/dormitory (student hostel). Also check for private rooms.

  2. As soon as possible:

    1. Apply for your Visa once you have all necessary documents compiled! (Do not delay; it usually takes up to four months.)
    2. In some countries you need to apply for a health insurance valid for Germany and a bank account in Germany when applying for a Visa. If this is the case, ask at the embassy for information how to handle this.
    3. Transfer the required study fees to the university bank account. If you transfer money from international bank accounts, you will be charged for the money transfer.


  3. After the payment:

    1. Acknowledge the bank transfer to Technical Management Coordinator. Include a scanned receipt of it.
    2. Wait to be contacted by a "Buddy" and acknowledge the contact to the TM coordinator, too.

  4. After receiving your Visa:

    1. Get a plane ticket to Germany and a train ticket from the airport to Emden.

      Recommended airports:
      Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt (all Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    2. Get a travel-health insurance to cover the first days in Emden.
    3. Notify the "Buddy" regarding your arrival date and make an appointment to be picked up at Emden main station. Get the cell phone number of your "Buddy".
    4. Plan to have approx. 300 EUR for the first days in Emden. Consider that you need to stay somewhere outside the student hostels for a few days and other costs to settle. 
      If you want to book a hotel in advance, get advice from your "Buddy", which one to book.
  • Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

  • Short description: This Master´s degree course mediates detailed kowledge of technical and management processing. Students will be prepared to implement project management functions in the field of technology, and learn how to use and develop problem-solving strategies in a creative and sovereign way. The language of instruction is English.

    Homepage of the Study program

  • Type: Continuing education programm
  • Standard Period of Study: 3 semester

  • Department: Technology

  • Place of Study: Emden/Germany

  • Admission restrictions: yes

  • Former NC (numerous clauses) or admission restriction: -

  • Pre-Study Internship: no

  • Entrance Requirements: a completed technical study as Dipl.-Ing. (FH, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), etc. or Dipl.-Ing. (UNI), etc. or Bachelor-Degree with 3,5 years of technical study (210 ETCS) and minimum one year full-time subject-related professional occupation. Attestation of knowledge of the English language proficiency.

  • Regulations
  • Flyer

  • Module-Handbook

  • Notes: The master course and its degree will be fully accredited by the German accreditation agency ZEvA. The accreditation assurs and validates both highest standards in teaching an studying and an international acknowledged degree for the entrance in PhD-Programmes.