Degree Courses

Faculty of Maritime Studies (Information available in German)
Nautical Science (B.Sc.) Link
Maritime Technology and Shipping Management (B.Sc.) Link
Maritime Operations (M.Sc.) Link

Faculty of Social Work and Health (Information available in German)
Early Childhood Education (B.A.) Link
Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy-Motology-Occupational Therapy (B.A.) Link
Social Work (B.A.) Link
Social Work and Health in the Context of Social Cohesion (Full/Part-Time) (M.A.) Link
Social and Health Management (B.A.) Link

Faculty of Technology (Information available in German)
Applied Life Sciences (B.Sc.) Link
Biotechnoloy/Bioinformatics (B.Sc.) Link
Chemical Engineering/Environmental Technology (B.Sc.) Link
Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.) Link
Electrical Engineering (Dual study course) (B.Eng.) Link
Energy Efficiency (B.Eng.) Link
Engineering Physics (B.Eng.) Link
Engineering Physics (M.Sc.) Link
Industrial Informatics (M.Eng.) Link
Computer Science (B.Sc.) Link
Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design (B.Eng.) Link
Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design (Dual study Course) (B.Eng.) Link
Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design (for Professionals) Link
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.) Link
Computer Science and Digital Media (Online) (B.Sc.) Link
Computer Science and Digital Media (Online) (M.Sc.) Link
Media Technology (B.Eng.) Link
Industrial Business Systems (IBS) (B.Eng.) Link
Computer Science and Economics (online) (B.Sc.) Link
Technical Management (M.Eng.) Link

Faculty of Business Studies (Information available in German)
Business Administration (B.A.) Link
Business Management (M.A.) Link
International Business Administration (B.A.) Link
Management Consulting (M.A.) Link

Student Voices

"I enjoy interacting with people of different countries and in this program I found really good friends from all around the world like India, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, Colombia, Spain and so on and this leads me to believe that sharing my knowledge is a very rewarding experience" Alfredo Peña Ponce, Mexico, Technology (M.Eng.)        >> more

"Was ich besonders gut gefallen habe, Dozentinnen, Mitstudentinnen, International Office und alle Mitarbeiterinnen von der Hochschule Emden/Leer sind sehr hilfsbereit, freundlich und nett. Durch diesen Leute bekomme ich grosse Unterstützung uns sie haben gute, warme Atmosphäre. Ich bin glücklich und zufrieden mit der Hochschule Emden/Leer." Bulganchimeg Enkhsaikhan, Mongolia, Social Work and Health (B.Sc.) >> more

"From what I read and heard, I realized it’s the perfect course for me. I knew this would help me develop my technical skills as well as my management skills and I wasn’t wrong. " Bharath Kumar Udaya Kumar, India, Technical Management (M.Eng.) >> more

"I chose the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer for my study period abroad because I find the German culture interesting and Emden was the perfect place to study, to have fun and to meet new people. To study in Germany and to live abroad for 5 months it was a big challenge for me. I am happy I did it and I would do it over and over again if the chance would show up." Alina Grigoriu, Romania, Business Management (M.A.) >> more