Cost of Living

The following information aims to provide an overview of the educational and living expenses during your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. Please notice the differing educational costs within the specific degree courses.

Educational Expenses (per semester) (Status: WiSe 2017/18) Campus Emden Campus Leer
Social Fee (incl. semester ticket) 330,65€ 262,65€
Learning Materials (books etc.)* ca. 30,00€ ca. 30,00€

Please note different costs per semester for the following courses:

Media Informatics (online-degree course): 153,23€

Technical Management: 5970,15€

Exchange-/Erasmus Students in Emden: 245,15€

Exchange-/Erasmus Students in Leer: 177,15€

Guest Auditor: 100,00€/150,00€          

Please check this information on the following pages.

Living Expenses (per month)*      
Accommodation (student dorm) ca. 160,00-245,00€ (incl. accessory charges)    
Accommodation (private) ca. 250,00-400,00€ (incl. accessory charges)    
Health Insurance (until 30 years) ca. 78,00€    
Food Expenses ca. 165,00€    
Personal Expences (culture, sports) ca. 150,00€    

*Information is oriented towards the data of the German Student Union, 20th Sozialerhebung. All information is subject to change.